‘Black Lightning’ Recap: Episode 4 “Black Jesus”

Black Lightning Episode 4, CW

(Courtesy of The CW)

With glowing reviews from audience and critics, the CW Network continues their newest superhero drama Black Lightning, starring Cress Williams, with Episode 4: Black Jesus. After being away in exile, Black Lightning has to face the secrets of his past in order to protect his city and his family.

At the high school, Jefferson stumbles onto one of his students acting crazy in the boy’s bathroom. Jefferson discovers his student is under the influence of the drug, Green Light. He has no choice but to use his powers to put him down.

After speaking with mob queen Lady Eve (Jill Scott), Tobias Whale (Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III) realizes Black Lightning faked his death. Tobias starts beating the medical examiner who did the autopsy; he lied to him. After Tobias gives him a beating, he orders the death of the medical examiner who fooled him.

At a dinner party, Anissa (Nafessa Williams) starts arguing with Inspector Henderson (Damon Gupton) about the incompetence of the police. After defending Black Lightning, Anissa then takes out her frustration on a bunch of drug dealers selling on the streets. Unfortunately, she needs to call 911 after causing severe injuries to them.

At the hospital, Jennifer (China Anne McClain) deals with her boyfriend, Khalil (Jordan Calloway)’s physical therapy. Khalil strives for hope, thinking he will walk again. Unfortunately, Jennifer is so heartbroken over the truth, she starts to abandon her family and drop out of track.

Peter Gambi (James Remar) warns Black Lightning that Green Light is an intense drug. Just one taste and the person becomes hooked. Black Lightning thinks he can hold off distribution if he cuts off one of the drug dealers.

Elsewhere, Anissa and Grace (Chantal Thuy) are suddenly attacked outside the bar. Anissa uses her thunder powers to take out the assaulters. The destruction of the parking lot gets the attention of Peter Gambi (James Remar), who continues to lie to Jefferson. Not only is he keeping Tobias Whale a secret, Gambi is hiding the truth about Anissa’s superpowers from her father.

Jefferson is having problems of his own with the school board as he tries to save the future of his junkie student. Even as Black Lightning,he’s unable to stop the next shipment of Green Light. His heart finally beaks when he hears the news that Khalil’s spine has been severed; he will never walk again.

Jefferson’s day gets worse as Lynn (Christine Adams) refuses to comfort him. She’s too angry at him for returning as Black Lightning. But it’s only as Black Lightning that he is able to save his drug-addicted student and rescues him from a crackhouse.

At the hospital, Tobias pays Khalil a visit, reminding him Black Lightning is the reason he cannot walk again. As his benefactor, Tobias offers Khalil an opportunity to make better use of his pain. Together they will turn the city against Black Lightning.

Black Lightning continues Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW.

– By Jorge Solis

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