Doom Patrol Episode 11, Dc Universe

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The past comes back in an emotional way as DC Universe continues the first season of Doom Patrol, with Episode 11: Frances Patrol, starring Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser. Find out how this band of superhero weirdos teamed-up against the super villain known as Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk). 

When we last left them, Eric Morden (Tudyk) had kidnapped The Chief (Timothy Dalton) from the team once again. During the group therapy session, Cyborg (Joivan Wade) discovers there is a prophecy that says he will kill the entire team. Robotman (Brendan Fraser) helped get Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) back in control of her mind and body.

Back at Doom Manor, Crazy Jane is furious with Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) and Cyborg that they lost the Beard Hunter. The Negative Spirit cuts off a dream that Larry Trainor (Bomer) is having of his lover. Robotman hears on his news that his best friend has died, eaten alive by a alligator in the swamp. 

Doom Patrol

Elsewhere, Cyborg is getting freaked out more and more that his tech is having a mind of his own. He confesses to Crazy Jane that he’s afraid to ask for his father’s help. Crazy Jane just wants to know why The Chief was planning to lock her up.  

Rita and Robotman end up going to his best friend’s funeral. Before the eulogy, Robotman shares a brief moment with his daughter as he touches her hand. Because he wasn’t there most of her life, Robotman realizes his best friend was a much better father than he was.    

Meanwhile, Larry is arguing with his memory of his former lover. The Negative Spirit blurts out that time is running out for him. Larry visits his one true love and realizes he has grown old. They spend the rest of the visit on the front porch before Larry’s true love passes away. . 

Meanwhile, out in the swamp, Robotman is trying to find his long lost watch. The watch means everything to his daughter. The watch ended up inside the alligator’s stomach after it ate his best friend. After almost getting eaten, Robotman visits his daughter one last time and leaves her with the watch.   

Cyborg and Crazy Jane think they have a lead, but it was all a trap. Distracted, Crazy Jane is far from Cyborg when he gets kidnapped. This was all a sting operation to get to Cyborg. 

Unfortunately, Cyborg has been kidnapped the Bureau of Normalcy. He finds himself strapped in, ready to tortured and experimented on. 

Doom Patrol Episode 11, DC Universe
Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis