Doom Patrol Episode 10, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

The Beard Hunter is on the move as DC Universe continues the first season of Doom Patrol, with Episode 10: Hair Patrol, starring Matt Bomer and Brendan Fraser. Find out how this band of superhero weirdos teamed-up against the super villain known as Mr. Nobody (Alan Tudyk). 

When we last left them, Eric Morden (Tudyk) had kidnapped The Chief (Timothy Dalton) from the team once again. During the group therapy session, Cyborg (Joivan Wade) discovers there is a prophecy that says he will kill the entire team. Robotman (Brendan Fraser) helped get Crazy Jane (Diane Guerrero) back in control of her mind and body.

Back at Doom Manor, Elasti-Girl (April Bowlby) and Cyborg are watching over Robotman and Crazy Jane as The Negative Spirit possesses them. Larry Trainor (Bomer) is on the floor unconscious. The Beard Hunter (Tommy Snider) has broken into the mansion and has tasted a bit of Niles’ leftover hair shavings. 

Doom Patrol

Elsewhere, The Chief remembers being on assignment from the Bureau of Normalcy. Out in the snowy woods, Niles and his hunter buddy are attacked by a pack of wolves. Niles then finds himself rescued and held captive by The Cave Woman. 

Over the years, the Cave Woman and Niles became attracted to each other. Niles begins to understand her by speaking her language and understanding her superpowers. The Cave Woman is the last surviving member of her tribe and she can control the Wendigo.  

While bringing food back to the cave, Niles discover his hunter buddy is still alive. The Bureau of Normalcy has been searching for Niles ever since he went missing. The Hunter wants to tell Bureau about the Cave Woman and reveal where she has been hiding.

Knowing the love of his life is in danger, Niles lets his hunter buddy drown in the water. Niles lies and tells the Bureau that no one else out there in the wilderness.  Niles has been searching for immortality in order to return to the woods and be with his one true love again. 

Meanwhile, Rita and Cyborg are attacked by the Beard Hunter. Having tasted Cyborg’s hair follicle, the Beard Hunter is now a better fighter. With a tracking device on him, the Beard Hunter can lead the team to Niles’ whereabouts.   

Cyborg tells Rita that there is something wrong with his programming. He asks her to keep his problem a secret from the others. At that moment, Robotman and Crazy Jane are back in their bodies. 

Doom Patrol

Unfortunately, Mr. Nobody was waiting for the Beard Hunter all along. It was all a trap as The Beard Hunter dies screaming. 

Doom Patrol continues Fridays on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis