Harley Quinn, DC Universe

DC Universe continues the hilarious animated comedy, Harley Quinn, with Episode 3: So, You Need a Crew?, starring Kaley Cuoco and Lake Bell. Dr. Harleen Quinzel, aka Harley Quinn (Cuoco), wants to known more in the criminal underworld than as The Joker’s girlfriend. 

After Harley Quinn attempts to steal a warhead, The Joker (Alan Tudyk) ambushes her heist. Harley thinks she would have gotten what she wanted if she actually had a crew. 

Living together, Harley asks Poison Ivy (Bell) to be part of her gang, but she says no. Harley then attends a self-help panel run by Maximillian “Maxie” Zeus. It turns out he only sets up these panels so that he can have sex with the attendees.  

Harley Quinn

Maxi reveals to Harley why she can’t get a crew. No male wants to work with a female super-villain. Harley thinks she can build her crew if they happen to be the worst of the worst. Dr. Psycho is abandoned by the Legion of Doom when he calls Wonder Woman the “c-word” on live TV.

Harley’s plan means getting villains who don’t believe in themselves.  With Clayface and Dr. Psycho by her side, Harley is able to break into Maxie’s mansion. While Clayface pretends to be Maxie’s long-lost son, Dr. Psycho and Harley steal his gold medals. 

By the time Maxie figures it out, he beats the crap out of Clayface. Dr. Psycho then uses his powers to save him. Harley starts using her baseball bat to bash in Maxie’s face. 

Beaten to a pulp, Maxie is discovered by a news team. Maxie says to the news reporter that Harley’s crew is not to be messed with. Poison Ivy is definitely impressed with what Harley has accomplished with breaking the glass ceiling. 

Harley Quinn

After hearing that Harley might be his competition, Joker starts shooting at the TV. 

Harley Quinn continues Fridays on DC Universe.

By Jorge Solis