The Mandalorian, Disney+

Disney+ continues the critically acclaimed series, The Mandalorian, with Chapter 3: The Sin, starring Pedro Pascal and Werner Herzog. From the stories of Jango and Boba Fett, another warrior has emerged in the Star Wars Universe. 

After accomplishing his mission, The Mandalorian gets a message from his handler, Greef (Carl Weathers). The Mandalorian has to deliver Baby Yoda back to The Client (Werner Herzog). After the holographic message ends, The Child plays around with a small silver ball from the controls.

Upon his arrival, The Mandalorian is meet with some resistance from the Stormtroopers. Now that the package is in his hands, The Client hands over the reward as promised. Steel happens to be very easy to get his hands on. When the Mandalarion asks the Client what he’s going to do with the child, he is reminds that their contract stipulates no questions. 

The Mandalorian

Back at the armory, the other Mandalorians are really unhappy. They are supposed to be kept hidden, but now everyone knows about the retrieval of the Child. The Armorer stops a bitter fight and reminds the crew that, “This is the way.”

The Mandalorian arrives at the Catina with all new armor. Greef is happen to see the Mandalorian because he was also paid handsomely. All the other mercenaries and bounty hunters, everyone in the Catina knows they were beaten and lost the their prize to the Mandalorian.

After accepting a new job, the Mandalorian spots the small silver ball. He remembers how his planet was ambushed during an intense battle against the droids. His parents locked him in a hidden cave before they were massacred. He screamed when the droid suddenly found him.     

While listening in, the Mandalorian discovers the Empire is still around. Someone from the Empire wants the Child for himself. But Dr. Pershing doesn’t want to hurt the child; he just wants to study it.  

After sneaking inside the lab, the Mandalorian blows up a wall in order to stop the experiments on the Child. In the nick of time, the Mandalorian rescues the Child from being tortured. With the Child in his arms, the Mandalorian shoots his way through the Stormtroopers, firing off missiles from his wrist. 

Every mercenary and bounty hunter at the Cantina gets the call. The Child is on the loose. Greef leads the charge to retrieve the Child. While stuck inside a speeder, the Mandalorian has been hit with a blaster and is running out of gas for his flamethrower. 

The Mandalorian

Just when all seems lost, the Mandalorians arrive to save the day. They give the Mandalorian and the Child time to escape on the spaceship and fly off into the sky.

The Mandalorian continues on Disney +.

By Jorge Solis