The Flash, Season 3

(Courtesy of @CW_TheFlash)

The popular superhero drama, The Flash, has its Season 4 premiere date locked in for The CW Network. We’re very excited for the return of Grant Gustin as DC Comics’ scarlet speedster and Candice Patton as his crime-fighting partner.

The second season followed Barry Allen (Gustin) as he created the alternate timeline as Flashpoint. Even though he fixed his mistake, his friends Cisco Ramon (Carlos Ramon) and Caitlin Snow (Danielle Panabaker) are not the same as before. There is even someone new named Julian (Tom Felton) working at his crime lab. Creating new villains for Team Flash, Dr. Alchemy promises the arrival of the speed god known as Savitar.

[SPOILERS Ahead] We have 5 reasons why we’re excited for the fourth season of The Flash:

5. Same Time Slot!

As we previously mentioned, the CW has announced the fall lineup premiere schedule. Sticking to its usual night and time slot, The Flash kicks off Tuesday nights at 8pm before Legends of Tomorrow follows up at 9pm. In the upcoming fourth season, Earth-2 Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh) will stick around as Joe West (Jesse L. Martin) deals with the loss of his son.

4. Where’s The Flash!?!

The third season finale ended with Barry Allen sacrificing himself to The Speed Force. Barry will never to be able to finish those wedding plans he started with Iris (Patton). He even passed the mantle to Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale) aka Kid Flash. Just like in the comics, Wally will serve as Barry’s replacement. 

3. The Thinker

According to IGN, the Big Bad will not be a speedster and could possibly be The Thinker. Throughout the third season, DeVoe has been mentioned by Abracadabra and by Future Barry himself. In DC Comics lore, The Thinker is a criminal mastermind who possesses telekinetic powers. Looking forward to hearing who the show casts as The Thinker!

2. More Crossovers!

We also mentioned, the Girl of Steel teamed-up with the scarlet speedster twice in the third season. First, they saved Earth-1 from alien invasion with Team Arrow and the Legends. Then they sang their heart out for their true loves in the musical-themed episode. For both shows, these crossover episodes were the highest-rated; so it’s likely there are still more to come. 

1. Killer Frost

A major highlight of the third season was Caitlin Snow’s struggle to keep her evil side in check. Even though she sided with Savitar, Cisco would not cross the line and finish her off. Caitlin is not herself but she’s not quite Killer Frost either. Looking forward to see how killer Frost reacts to the news Barry is gone.

Season 3 of The Flash is now on Netflix. The fourth season is scheduled to begin Tuesday October 10th.

– By Jorge Solis