Haim On Saturday Night Live

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Haim performed “Want You Back,” marking their second appearance on Saturday Night Live. Before the release of their sophomore album, the musical guests made their way on stage as actress Melissa McCarthy served as host for the fifth time on the popular show.

According to Variety, Saturday Night Live continued its winning streak this week, delivering the most-watched May telecast in the past seven years. Viewers jumped at the chance to  the Ghostbusters comedian in makeup as White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer and Alec Baldwin’s return as the 45th President. The 30 Rock actor returns after missing the last episode hosted by Star Trek actor Chris Pine.

1. They’re Sisters!

Members of the band are Este (bass), Danielle (guitars and lead singer), and Alana Haim (guitars and keyboards).

2. Twitter Had Lots To Say About Their Performance!

Audiences had all the feels about bassist Este Haim’s facial expressions. From our official Twitter account, Villain Media made a collection of the best moments from the night. 

3. How Personal Is This Song?

In an interview with Rolling Stone, singer Danielle Haim describes the personal nature of the album, “If I’m feeling some type of way and we start to write, I don’t fully understand my feelings until the song’s done and out in the world. That’s how it was with the last album. I think I’m gonna start to figure out what a lot of these new songs mean in two months, or something.”

4. What Do The Lyrics Mean?

“We Were On

One Endless Road

But I Had a Wandering Heart

I Said

We Were Opposite Lovers”

5. Did They Perform Another Song On SNL?

Yes, the pop/rock band did perform another track. They also performed an unreleased song, Little of Your Love, from the album. That’s probably why a video hasn’t been put online.

Something To Tell You is scheduled for release on July 7 from Polydor Records.

– By Jorge Solis

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