Watchmen Episode 5, HBO

HBO continues the critically acclaimed Watchmen, with Episode 5: Little Fear of Lightning, starring Regina King and Jeremy Irons. Based on the DC Comics masterpiece by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, find out what happens in the alternate future where police officers band together against an impending apocalypse. 

Before he became Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson), young Wade was religious youth preaching about the end of the world. On a trip to New Jersey, Wade is part of a religious group preaching about the Lord’s work at a carnival. Young Wade finds himself entranced by a punk girl.

In the hall of mirrors, the punk girl steals Wade’s clothes and leaves him naked. Just then, a psychic blast destroys all the mirrors in the room and forces Wade’s ears to bleed. New York has been under attack by aliens; a giant squid has just landed in the heart of Manhattan.


Now that he’s Looking Glass, Wade lives in a bunker to shelter him from the upcoming apocalypse. Hired by advertising agencies, Wade studies facial expressions at focus groups. After the squid attack in New York, people are having difficulty making the trip over to the Big Apple. 

Back at the precinct, Sister Night wants to know what her grandfather’s pills are made of. Special Agent Laurie Blake (Jean Smart), the former Silk Spectre, mentions she planted a plug in the cactus on Wade’s desk. At first, Looking Glass defends his partner against Laurie. 

Outside of the precinct, Wade runs a recovery group at night. The people in his group are suffering from anxiety created by the squid attack. They are always afraid of another attack, but Wade still believes there is light in the tunnel.    

Wade finds himself entranced by a blonde woman in his group. They end up having a few drinks at the bar. After she gets picked by a truck, Wade spots a ball of lettuce in the back, a clue from the cop shooting, and follows the vehicle.    

Wade finds himself inside an abandoned warehouse, wandering inside a set with cameras. The 7th Cavalry are making a teleportation device and testing if it works. After getting caught hey the 7th Cavalry, Wade meets with their leader, Senator Keene (James Wolk). 

At first, Senator Keene just wants Wade to listen to Adrian Veidt (Irons). Robert Redford became president because Viedt rigged the election. The squid attack was not an alien invasion; Veidt set the whole thing up.  

Elsewhere, Adrian Veidt is catapulted to the moon. Using the dead clones of Mr. Philips (Tom Mison) and Ms. Crookshanks (Sara Vickers), Vedit spells out, “Save me.” With his trip to the moon cut short, Vedit is arrested by The Warden.

Following Keene’s orders, Looking Glass sets up Angela to take the fall. While being recorded, Angela reveals the Nostalgia pills are from her grandfather, who was at Judd’s murder. Laurie now has enough evidence for arrest Angela. 


Just when Wade arrives home, members of the 7th Calvary storm in with guns. 

Watchmen continues Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

by Jorge Solis