Pound for Pound, TKO

If you’re in the mood for blood, Pound for Pound (TKO Studios) delivers on that high octane promise with a gritty and hard-boiled crime thriller. With the bareknuckled action ramped up to the max, Pound for Pound is a fast-paced read that generates so much excitement. 

Underground MMA fighter Dani Libra fears nothing… except for her recurring blackouts and fractured memories that obscure a bloody past. But when her sister is kidnapped, Dani must shine a light on the darkness in her own mind. Only question is — can she keep her own demons at bay for long enough to save her sister?

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Pound for Pound:

5) The Writing!

Pound for Pound

Writer Natalie Chaidez has created an incredibly memorable female protagonist, who is strong, flawed, and hot-tempered. Dani Libra is hard-hitting in her punches and with Chaidez’s edgy dialogue. Letterer Serge Lapointe makes sure every line of dialogue that Dani says keeps her unrelentingly cool. 

4) The Artwork!

Not only has artist Andy Belanger depicted the perfect female-centric fighter, who glistens with abs and muscles, the action sequences are unbelievably stylish. Led by a hardcore protagonist, the gritty fight scenes are carried off through Dani’s emotional performance. Each page throws punches at you in all directions. 

3) The Colors!

Pound for Pound

The colors by Daniela Miwa captures the flashback sequences in yellowish and gold hues. Notice how the night scenes are lit through dark blue tones. With its western setting, the colors capture the heat and sweat of the border landscape.

2) The Social Commentary!

Dani Libra finds herself in a rough adventure that takes place in a lawless setting. In a thought-provoking narrative, Dani encounters the drug wars, the cartel business, and child trafficking. As a border thriller, there is so much moral complexity as characters give their own perspective on the issues. 

1) An Action-Packed Read!

With incredible action sequences from start to finish, Pound for Pound boasts a compelling lead character that readers will be unable to forget. Fast and fun, Pound for Pound will undoubtedly please the action junkies everywhere. 

Pound for Pound, along with the rest of the second wave titles from TKO, are available now to binge-read, with the first issue FREE.

By Jorge Solis