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Interview: Nadine Marissa Talks ‘The Walking Dead’ Season 9!

Nadine Marissa Walking Dead Season 9, AMC

(Courtesy of Nadine Marissa) Villain Media has an exclusive interview with actress Nadine Marissa, who talks about her role as Nabila on Season 9 of AMC’s The Walking Dead. Check out what goes on behind-the-scenes of the popular horror drama as Marissa opens up about zombies, King Ezekiel, and Rick Grimes. Eighteen months have passed […]

Interview: Jessica Harper Talks ‘Suspiria’ & ‘Winnetka!’

Jessica Harper

(Courtesy of Amazon Studios) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, actress Jessica Harper talks about the blockbuster Suspiria remake and her upcoming podcast, Winnetka. Find out how the world of audio and horror managed to coincide artistically with the Stardust Memories actress. As we mentioned in our review, darkness has been building at the center […]

Interview: Naghmeh Shirkhan Talks ‘Maki!’

Naghmeh Shirkhan, Maki

In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, writer/director Naghmeh Shirkhan discusses her latest film, Maki, starring Naomi Sundberg and Julian Cihi. Shirkhan opens up about exploring gender dynamics and power play in her coming-of-age love story with a dark twist. Set in the heart of New York City, Maki (Naomi Sundberg) and Tommy (Julian Cihi) […]

Interview: Heidi Germaine Schnappauf Talks ‘Blindspot’ Season 4!

Heidi Germaine Schnappauf, Bindspot

(Courtesy of NBCUniversal) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, Stunt Actress Heidi Germaine Schnappauf talks about the highly anticipated Season 4 premiere of Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. After the shocking events of Season 3,  discover what Jaimie Alexander’s Stunt Double has to say about the the latest mystery tattoos that Jane Doe (Alexander) […]

Interview: Marcy Harriell Talks ‘Suit Up!’ [NYCC ’18]

Marcy Harriell, Bluprint

(Courtesy of Bluprint) With New York Comic Con 2018 on its way, Villain Media has an exclusive interview with expert sewist and host Marcy Harriell about her tutorial series, Suit Up, on Bluprint. NBCU’s digital lifestyle subscription service has something special for cosplayers, who are prepping in style for the mega pop culture event! Bluprint,  NBCU’s […]

Interview: Ken Stachnik Talks ‘The ToyBox!’

Ken Stachnik, ToyBox DVD, Denise Richards

In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, Cinematographer Ken Stachnik talks about capturing the scares and performances of Denise Richards and Mischa Barton on camera in The ToyBox. Find out how the camera was used to create the haunting secrets and claustrophobic suspense. As we previously mentioned, Jennifer and her family go on a summer […]

Interview: Massimo Dobrovic Talks “Age Of The Living Dead!”

Massimo Dobrovic, Age Living Dead

In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, actor Massimo Dobrovic talks about his upcoming projects and his work in the acclaimed horror series, Age of the Living Dead. Dobrovic breaks down the acting process as he discusses playing in the realm of the supernatural with Feel the Dead and Age of the Living Dead. Massimo […]

Interview: Troy L. Foreman Talks ‘Millennium After The Millennium!’

Troy L. Foreman, Millennium After The Millennium

(Courtesy of Resurrection Films) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, Executive Producer Troy L. Foreman discusses the lasting impact of the gripping crime thriller starring Lance Henriksen in Millennium After The Millennium. The insightful documentary from Resurrection Films explores how Millennium paved the way for the new Golden Age of Television. In 1996, Chris […]

Interview: Ben Meares Talks ‘Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles!’

Ben Meares, Riley Schmitz, Fright Night

In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, writer Ben Meares talks about the vampires and nostalgia behind Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles #0. Tom Holland’s Terror Time continues the popular cult classic with an all-new terrifying adventure featuring our favorite crucifix-wielding hero! As we previously mentioned, Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles is a […]