Get Out DVD

(Courtesy of Universal Home Entertainment)

Universal Home Entertainment brings comedian Jordan Peele’s directorial debut,  the horror hit Get Out, onto DVD and Blu-Ray. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats as they watch Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and Rose (Allison Williams)’s interracial romance turn into a terrifying fight for survival.

After reaching a milestone in their relationship, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya) and his girlfriend, Rose (Williams) are heading off to meet her parents. Rose invites him to stay for a weekend getaway upstate. At first, Chris thinks Missy (Catherine Keener) and Dean (Bradley Whitford)’s overly accommodating behavior are nervous attempts to deal with their daughter’s interracial relationship. As the weekend progresses though, Chris makes a series of increasingly disturbing discoveries lead him to a shocking truth.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Get Out on DVD and Blu-Ray:

5. Black Mirror

Daniel Kaluuya earned well-deserved critical praise for his multilayered performance as Bing in the Black Mirror episode, Fifteen Million Merits. As Chris, Kaluuya’s monologue will bring audiences to tears when he reveals his heart-breaking backstory.

4. Caleb Landry Jones

Caleb Landry Jones was the mutant superhero, Banshee, in X-Men: First Class. Now Jones plays the villain as Rose’s brother, Jeremy. Very different roles, you’ll be surprised by Jones’ versatility.

3. Two Kinds of Evil

As Dean Armitage, Bradley Whitford demonstrates why he is an acclaimed Emmy winner. The Cabin in the Woods actor has to be convincing as a charmed parent and as a psychotic surgeon. Whitford is so in character, you actually believe him when he says he would’ve voted for Obama a third time.   

2. Lil Rel Howery

If you think about it, most of the raunchy humor comes from Lil Rel Howery’s hilarious portrayal of Rod Williams. If you’ve seen the movie, remember the scene where he tries to explain his conspiracy theory. While we can’t say his expletive language here, the cops’ reactions are laugh-out-loud!

1. The Special Features!

Making-of Featurettes

Deleted scenes

Alternate ending

Audio Commentary from Peele himself

Get Out arrives on DVD May 23, 2017.