Logan DVD/Blu-Ray

(Courtesy of Fox Home Entertainment)

Fox Home Entertainment brings Hugh Jackman’s final chapter of the X-Men mutant superhero, Logan, straight onto DVD and Blu-Ray. With a standout ensemble cast, Jackman joins Dafne Keen to goodbye to The Wolverine for the last time, while delivering must-see performances.

In the near future, an old and weary Logan (Jackman) cares for the ailing Professor X (Patrick Stewart).  After hiding at a remote outpost on the Mexican border, Logan has to face the world again when he meets a young mutant (Dafne Keen). Logan and the professor have to protect the young girl from the dark forces striving to capture her.

Here are 5 reasons why you should buy Logan on DVD and Blu-Ray:

5. Hugh Jackman

I never would have known who High Jackman is if I hadn’t seen Bryan Singer’s The X-Men. As he continued to play the same role in each installment, I never got tired of seeing Jackman. He never made the role boring and director James Mangold (Walk The Line) had a vision of how he wanted to deliver the character’s swan song. The film also serves as an allegory of a divided America and the persecution of minorities as they fight to cross the border.

4. Charles Xavier

Logan also happens to be Patrick Stewart’s swan song as Professor Charles Xavier. Though his faith in his best friend remains strong, Xavier’s body and mind have been beaten to a pulp. Because Stewart has such a strong presence in the narrative, you’ll wish he wouldn’t leave the role too.

3. Boyd Holbrook

You have to see Boyd Holbrook in the Netflix crime drama, Narcos! Holbrook brings such charm and sleaziness in the role of cyborg mutant hunter, Donald Pierce. You will be repeating the his line, “As I live and breathe…The Wolverine!” after watching his performance.

2. Dafne Keen

Fans knew actress Dafne Keen would be playing X-23 from the comic books, but they never expected her to deliver such a knockout performance. Keen brings such an intensity to her role and audiences get to see that raw energy in her audition tape. I look ward to seeing Keen mature as an actress in the upcoming future.

1. The Special Features!

The black and white Logan Noir

Book of art and photographs from Logan

Character cards

90 minutes of bonus features


Logan arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray May 23, 2017.