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(Courtesy of Frank Ockenfels/FOX)

Based on the popular X-Men comic books from Marvel, Stephen Moyer (The Caller) and Amy Acker (Angel) star as a suburban couple chased by anti-mutant forces. Before its official premiere, Fox has released the full-length trailer to The Gifted.

According to The Verge, The Gifted follows a suburban couple on the run after they discover that their children possess mutant powers. The dysfunctional family has to stay one step ahead of hostile government agents. Will they find salvation from an underground network of mutants?

Check out our 5 Thoughts on The Gifted trailer:

5. Watch The Trailer Here!

4. It’s True Blood Meets Person of Interest!

Stephen Moyer was charming and bloodthirsty as the vampire Bill Compton in True Blood. Amy Acker kicked butt as the hacker Root in Person of Interest. You have to admit this is excellent casting! I’d watch just for them!

4. The X-Men Universe!

In the footage, someone mentions the X-Men, even the Brotherhood, might not be around anymore. What happened to Charles Xavier’s dream of peace between humans and mutants in this alternate universe? It’ll be interesting to see what Burn Notice creator/showrunner Matt Nix will take and leave from the mythology.

3. The Sentinels!

in the X-Men comics, the superhero team sometimes find themselves on the run from the mutant-hunting robots. Because the series doesn’t have the big budget to produce giant robots, it makes sense for audiences to see prototypes. Self-aware and fast, instead of over-sized and blocky, those robot spiders will follow orders and capture the fugitive family.

2. Bryan Singer’s Still Involved!

Though he won’t be directing upcoming Dark Phoenix installment, The Usual Suspects filmmaker will be helming the pilot. Singer is bringing in one of his favorite mutants from his Days of Future Past sequel. The super-heroine Blink will now be played actress Jamie Chung (Gotham).

1. Now’s Let’s Watch This Trailer Again!

On Monday nights, with a new time slot at 8pm, Lucifer returns for its third season. The Gifted will follow-up in the 9pm slot during the upcoming fall 2017-18 TV season.

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