Top 10 Movies, 2019

At Villain Media, our very own Managing Editor, Jorge Solis, picks out the Top 10 Movies that have made their indelible stamp in 2019. Readers are welcome to pick out these movies on DVD, Blu-Ray, and VOD from this year end list.

Cinema, whether meant to be taken as escapism or self-expression, translates as a visual experience to its viewers across time. Movies contain a collective memory that will serve as a reflection of issues and commentary. Though these are sad and strange times, nightmares do come to an end. As the 45th administration enrages forward, I believe true art will prevail over the deafening noise of ignorant disinformation. 

Here are my picks for the Top 10 Movies of 2019:

10) Groupers

Dominating every scene, Nicole Dambro will keep audiences guessing as she plays the mysterious Meg with charm and verge. Peter Mayer-Klepchick and Cameron Duckett bounce back and forth their dialogue with such frantic energy. Writer/director Anderson Cowan dives into the super-charged subject matter with such vigor. 

9) Haunt

Here at Villain Media, never forget that we root for the bad guys! Damian Maffei is downright menacing and unbelievably brutal as Devil. A rare feat, directors Scott Beck and Bryan Woods take their pulse-pounder to another level of terror after the masks are taken off.  

8) The Ranger

Director Jenn Wexler has such a sleek visual style that dominates the punk-infused slasher. Amanda Grace Benitez beams with personality and radiates lively energy as the light-hearted Amber. Chloë Levine captures Chelsea’s inner torment and her defiant attitude. Make sure you see it on Shudder!

7) Blood Craft

You never take your eyes off Augie Duke, who is simply captivating as Serena. Not only does Madeleine Wade excel as a compelling lead, she also co-wrote the mesmerizing screenplay. Director James Cullen Bressack boosts the thought-provoking material to another level.

6) Replace

Rebecca Forsythe’s incredible lead performance will blow everyone away! Barbara Crampton is breathtakingly amazing as the antagonist, Dr. Rafaela Crober. The cinematography by Tim Kuhn glistens the scenery with such vivid and bright colors.

5) I Trapped The Devil

Scott Poythress manages to be sympathetic and paranoid at the same time as the reclusive Steve. Susan Burke wonderfully plays off the duality of Karen, the loyal wife and the doubting bystander.  Writer/director Josh Lobo carries so much suspense in every scene, which is held up fantastically by its incredible ensemble. 

4) Harpoon

Writer/director Rob Grant has created three relatable characters for Christopher Gray, Munro Chambers, and Emily Tyra. With such kinetic energy, Trya delivers a a knockout performance as Sasha, the loyal sweetheart who also happens to be a scheming femme fatale. Viewers will watch the trio fall apart as Brett Gelman provides insight as The Narrator.

3) Painkillers

Adam Huss’ physical presence, with his agonizing shaking, is a bold representation of withdrawal symptoms. Madeline Zima delivers a beautifully heartbreaking performance as Chloe. Director Roxy Shih has such a grounded interpretation of vampirism in this romantic thriller. 

2) 100 Acres of Hell

I love how the female cast steal the show in this survival thriller! Catherine Corcoran, Katie Walsh, and Brooklyn Ineson are absolute standouts! WWE superstar Gene Snitsky is phenomenal as the lead and has an all-out battle with Sam Anoai’s Jeb Tucker that audiences have to watch!

1) The 6th Friend

This all-star legends cast includes Jamie Bernadette, Chantelle Albers, Dominique Swain, Jessica Morris, Tania Nolan, and Monique Rosario. Director Letia Clouston captures the cast’s charismatic presence, has crafted a unique look for the slasher, and keeps viewers engaged with the pulse-pounding mystery. 

Honorable Mentions: Long Lost, Eros Point: A Story of Undying Love, Book of Monsters, Starfish, & The Shadow Scarf

By Jorge Solis