Katy Perry on Saturday Night Live

(Courtesy of Rosalind O’ Connor/NBC)

Before the release of her upcoming album, Katy Perry performed her hit single, Swish Swish, during the season finale of Saturday Night Live. Hosted by Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, Perry’s musical stint also provided our newest viral phenomenon.

This was the final episode of its 42nd season. During the cold opening, Alec Baldwin dressed himself up as President Trump and sang Hallelujah with the other cast members and guest stars. Perry participated alongside with Tom Hanks, aka David S. Pumpkins, in the all-star “Rap Song” music video. The Baywatch actor also announced his run for Presidency in 2020 with Hanks as his running mate.

1. The Stage

Standing on stage beside Perry were a group of sashaying drag queens and dozens of pom pom-wielding cheerleaders. This looked more like a fashion runway than a concert stage. The pop singer was very interested in delivering a dazzling persentation with production value and spectacle. 

2. The Tim Burton Influence!

Didn’t Perry’s outfit look familiar to you? I swear I must have seen that outfit like in a Tim Burton movie!  The outrageous wardrobe has a black and white tone, something out of Beetlejuice.

3. Don’t Know Who BackPack Kid Is But He Stole The Show!

2. Lyrics To Sing To In The Shower!

Swish Swish Bish

Another One In The Basket

Can’t Touch This

Another One In the Basket!

1. There’s Another Song!

Perry also performed “Bon Appétit” during her SNL appearance. 

Witness arrives in stores on June 9th.

– By Jorge Solis

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