Pearson Episode 8, USA Network

USA Network continues the highly anticipated Suits spinoff series, Pearson, starring Gina Torres and Morgan Specter, with Episode 8: The Political Wife. After leaving her New York firm behind, former lawyer Jessica Pearson (Torres) jumps into the Chicago world of politics.  

Because she is DACA, Yoli Castillo (Isabel Arraiza) is having trouble breaking her mother out of an immigration detention center. Yoli realizes she is going to need Jessica’s help and tells her everything. Elsewhere, Nick (Simon Kassianides) gets the gun he asked for. 

Elsewhere, Keri Allen (Bethany Joy Lenz) and Derrick (Eli Goree) are dealing with the Mayor’s absence in Seattle. Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) calls Jessica with advice on how to deal with Yoli’s mother; get her to the press. Keri has to deal with an uncomfortable plane trip with Bobby’s wife, who knows about the affair. 

At the detention center, Jessica meets with Yoli’s mother to discuss her court date. Jessica warns they are looking for any reason to deport her. Yoli’s mother is actually hiding something and Jessica knows it, but Yoli can’t accept it. After getting a scolding from her boss, Angela (Chantel Riley) hopes to get food for the residents who lost their building. 

PEARSON — “The Political Wife” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Bethany Joy Lenz as Keri Allen, Betsy Brandt as Stephanie Novak — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

With Derrick involved, he now has to find a secret that Yoli’s mother is hiding. Meanwhile in Los Angeles, Keri and Bobby’s wife manage to work out a deal in Bobby’s favor. Unfortunately, Keri jumps in abruptly and gets the credit that Bobby’s wife wanted.

Back at the hotel, Keri has to rewrite Bobby’s speech while drunk. Mrs. Novak finally confronts Keri about the five year affair; she’s better than scraps. Keri wants to know where Ms. Novak put her self-esteem. Over in Chicago, Derrick interrogates Yoli about her mother’s past but gets nothing out of her.  

Before her big rousing political speech in public, Ms. Novak admits to Keri that she’s keeping her MS secret to save his job. Now that Derrick found something, Jessica confronts Yoli’s mother about how she killed two gang members. Yoli will forgive her but she will never see her the same way. 

While Angela argues with her grandmother, Jessie shows Yoli the affidavit her mother signed and recites her confession. After breaking down, Yoli embraces Jessica, who hugs her back.   

PEARSON — “The Political Wife” Episode 108 — Pictured: (l-r) Juanita Jennings as Lillian Cook, Chantel Riley as Angela Cook — (Photo by: Greg Gayne/USA Network)

Jessica returns home to an empty apartment, with Angela and the kids gone.

Pearson continues Wednesdays 10pm on USA Network. 

By Jorge Solis