Sinner Season 2 Episode 4, USA Network

(Courtesy of Peter Kramer/USA Network)

After a critically acclaimed first season, USA Network continues The Sinner with Season 2, Episode 4: Part IV, starring Bill Pullman and Carrie Coon. Detective Harry Ambrose (Pullman) returns to his hometown to solve another whydunit mystery.

In the prison, Julian (Elisha Henig) listens as Vera (Carrie Coon), promises him that she will get him out of this. Even though the lawyers are upset, Harry and Heather Novack (Natalie Paul) want to prove Vera is not the boy’s mother. Harry tells Heather that Vera wants to see him privately at Moonwood.

In flashbacks, Heather and Marin (Hannah Gross) are both drunk at a bar. When Heather leaves for college, what will Marin do? Heather kisses Marin but her lover gets mad; you’re not being your true self.   

Wanting to trust him, Julian makes a call to Harry and asks how long he will be in prison. Harry tells him the sad truth; 30 years if found guilty. Julian doesn’t believe his mother will save him and hangs up.

Sinner Season 2 Episode 4, USA Network
THE SINNER — “Part IV” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Carrie Coon as Vera Walker, Bill Pullman as Detective Lt. Harry Ambrose — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

At Moonwood, Harry listens to a tape of Vera’s private therapy session. The murdered victim was planning to kidnap Julian; he was defending himself. Harry thinks the tape will cause more problems for Julian.  

While wandering around the community, Harry learns about the history of the BlackRock from Vera. After his foot gets sprained, Harry loses sight of Vera. Vera leads him on a wondering quest to find her in the woods.

Heather’s investigation leads her back to her father. She wants to know what happened the night Marin left. The father remembers very little, except for a drawing.   

In the flashback, Heather’s father tries to stop Marin from leaving. She shows him a tattoo of the Labyrinth on her wrist. This leads Heather to a storage room owned by Julian and boxes filled with Lionel Jeffries’ books.

Heather finds a shocking video of a traumatized Moonwood member role-playing. Following Lionel’s orders, the Moonwood member beats someone to a pulp. In the video, Heather finds Marin among the group.    

Harry finally finds Vera in the cabin and attempts to leave, but his foot hurts. Vera continues her seduction on Harry as she places her hands on his sweaty chest. She attempts to hypnotize him and calm down his nerves after he starts yelling at her.

Sinner Season 2 Episode 4, USA Network
THE SINNER — “Part IV” Episode 204 — Pictured: (l-r) Hannah Gross as Marin, Natalie Paul as Heather Novack — (Photo by: Peter Kramer/USA Network)

Harry wakes up and finds himself inside the hotel room where the murder happened.

Season 2 of The Sinner continues Wednesdays at 10pm on USA Network.

By Jorge Solis