Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13, TNT

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TNT airs the Season 3 finale of their compelling crime drama, Animal Kingdom, starring Shawn Hatosy and Ellen Barkin, with Episode 13: The Hyenas. With Smurf (Barkin) out from bars, can her boys continue their living through armed robberies without her?

With Lena (Aamya Deva Keroles) gone, Pope feels useless at home until Smurf asks for his assistance. Deran (Jake Weary) is actually starting to make plans to live with Adrian. The whereabouts of his missing former associate, Ox, starts to invade his business and personal life though.

Knowing J (Finn Cole) is involved somehow, Smurf attempts to find Morgan (Laura San Giacomo) and follows the money trail. Pope and Smurf end up at a retirement home and discover how J has been forging the notary. Meanwhile, J assures the manager of the bowling alley that he has no intention of shutting the place down; he just wants the daily deposits.

After Morgan’s body is found, J runs out to the junkyard and gets rid of all the paperwork in a bonfire. He now knows that Smurf is onto him. Pope returns to watching nature programs on TV, as if he’s obsessed with hyenas.

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13, TNT
Animal Kingdom — Ep. 313 — Photo Credit: Jesse Giddings / ©2018 TNT All Rights Reserved

Frankie (Dichen Lachman) surprises Craig (Ben Robson) with a another job. This time, they intend to steal all the possessions of a house while the owners are away. They enjoy a sexy romp in the pool before spending the night together.  

Craig wakes up and finds Frankie gone. Using her lipstick, she leaves a message on his bare chest. She left the keys in the car for him.

Elsewhere, Smurf sends Mia (Sohvi Rodriguez)and her crew to Mexico. This time, they are there to kill Lucy (Carolina Guerra). When Mia returns back to the states, she is reunited with her ex and has sex with him.

Pope has a mental breakdown after having rough sex with a call girl. Not only does he crash his car, he bumps into a former ex. Luckily, his ex stays with him as he breaks down crying over Lena.

Back at home, Smurf releases her property holdings over to the Cody boys. She hands a watch over to J, which was meant for Baz. The money is enough for Deran and Adrian to buy a home and start living together.

At the airport, security grabs hold of Adrian and finds his cocaine stash in his surfboard. J reads “For My Very Smart Boy” on Smurf’s inscription of the watch. He sneaks into her room in the middle of the night.

While Smurf is sleeping, J promises he is going take everything and everyone from her. In the way, J and Pope have their own silent confrontation.

Animal Kingdom Season 3 Episode 13, TNT
Animal Kingdom — Ep. 313 — Photo Credit: Jesse Giddings / ©2018 TNT All Rights Reserved

Are J and Pope allies? Or enemies?

Animal Kingdom will return for Season 4 on TNT.

By Jorge Solis