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Suspenseful and thrilling at a nerve-wracking pace, Southern Cross Volume 2: Romulus (Image Comics) is definitely worth picking up. An incredible standout in mystery storytelling and artwork, the Southern Cross series delivers tons of twists and scares as the plot thickens.

After the events from Volume 1, Hazel Conroy’s retirement plans are suddenly put on hold. Her past as a detective on Earth comes back to haunt her now as a personal assistant on Titan. The disappearance of the Southern Cross spaceship dregs up skeletons from her past, shedding light on a bigger and sinister conspiracy. As the refinery descends into chaos, Hazel teams up with some unlikely allies and loads her service blaster one last time.

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Southern Cross Vol. 2: Romulus:

5) A Bigger Mythology!

Southern Cross expands its universe as the narrative drops readers onto Saturn’s refinery moon, Titan. Readers are confined to the claustrophobic environment of the Romulus rig. With the outside world cutoff, Hazel has to defend herself and solve the mystery behind Kyril’s sudden arrival, meanwhile a violent uprising escalates in the background.

4) Hazel & Kyril

Writer Becky Cloonan (Gotham Academy) has created two interesting characters, Hazel and Kyril, who have such a rocky relationship. With a target on his back, Hazel is under the ticking clock to keep Kyril alive. Hazel is the brains of the operation and Kyril serves as the muscle of their team-up. Their snappy banter bounces off of each other flawlessly, showcasing Cloonan’s brand of witty and dark humor.

3) The Artwork Looks Amazing!

Artist Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare) captures a sci-fi tale with vivid character designs. Tombs has his name etched out across his helmet, which is shaped like a hockey mask. The rest of his helmet has a mouth drawn on, with pointy teeth to show an angry emotion. Because Tombs only has one expression on his face, his entrances are always memorable.

2) The Psychedelic Colors!

Colorist Lee Loughridge uses faded yellow and blue tones to enhance the suspenseful mood. The orange palette of the sun resembles a scorching desert landscape. Because of its dark scale, colors such as purple and red immediately pop out to the eyes.

1) A Great Read!

With well-written supporting characters and eye-catching artwork, Southern Cross Volume 2: Romulus is an exciting read for sci-fi/horror fans. The Southern Cross series keeps getting better and better with its second arc.


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Southern Cross Vol. 2: Romulus arrives in stores July 19, 2017.

– By Jorge Solis