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USA Network airs the highly anticipated Season 7 premiere, Skin in the Game, of their popular drama, Suits. Back in their fan-favorite roles, Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht return as slick lawyers Mike Ross and Harvey Specter.

Before going to the office, Harvey Specter (Macht) shows up at the front doorstep of his former therapist, Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole). He asks her out on a date, even though Paula hesitates at first but says yes. The day is certainly looking up for Harvey this morning, but things heat up real fast when he arrives at the firm.

While Mike Ross (Adams) is thinking of redesigning Harvey’s old office, Donna Paulson (Sarah Rafferty) wants to be named partner at the firm. Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman) is already having a bad day, refusing to go on vacation after his recent breakup.

Heartbroken, Louis hallucinates, thinking the associates are making fun of him. Louis ends up taking out his anger on the associates, especially on a rookie whose on his way on becoming a father. Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) tries to ask Donna for help to remove the associates, but only makes things worse with Louis.

Trying to make new business, Harvey and Mike meet with Jessica’s old client, who has a certain list of demands. Mike is suspicious of the client’s shady deal, but Harvey needs to prove himself that he’s just as good as Jessica. Turns out Mike is right; the client needs to make money off his scheme before filing for bankruptcy.

Harvey doesn’t even have time to think of Donna’s proposal. Gretchen Bodinski (Aloma Wright) advises Donna to invest money into the firm, to demonstrate that she’s serious. Louis continues to lash out at the associates as he drives a wedge between himself and Donna.

Afterwards, Harvey is unable to concentrate on his date with Paula. With his mind aloof, Paula thinks Harvey just wants someone to take care of his decisions. He still sees her as his therapist, not as a romantic companion.    

After the date, Donna urges Harvey to think about her proposal because Louis is making matters worse by the minute. Bouncing back, Harvey schemes his way into helping out his client and finds a way to save his business. Even though he is having so much fun being back at the firm, Mike realizes he needs to fulfill his promise and take on pro bono cases.

In the men’s bathroom, Harvey tells Louis that Donna has been named partner. At that moment, Louis realizes he screwed Donna over and asks forgiveness from Rachel. Understanding his heartache, Rachel tells Louis to find closure with his ex, because he was about to become a father and his dreams were crushed.

As Mike remodels the office and makes the room his, Harvey puts his arms around Paula and kisses her.

Suits continues on USA Network Wednesdays at 9pm.

– By Jorge Solis

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