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After Episode 1-9 aired on Showtime, audiences have been watching writer/director David Lynch change television all over again with Twin Peaks: The Return. Old friends and new faces make their way in the highly anticipated continuation of the critically acclaimed ABC series.

As we previously mentioned, FBI Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) traveled to the small logging town of Twin Peaks. In a town where everyone is hiding a secret, Cooper attempted to solve the murder of seemingly innocent high schooler Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee). In the second season finale, Cooper found himself sinking deep into the supernatural mysteries of Twin Peaks, possessed by the demonic killer known as Bob.

Check out our 9 thoughts on the first 9 episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return:

9) William Hastings’ Confession

In Part 9, Matthew Lillard deserves all the awards for his portrayal of William Hastings, who may or may not be crazy. Hastings drowns himself in tears, knowing his responsible for the death of his lover. But when he starts ranting about alternate dimensions, are you sure you can believe him?

8) The Birth of Bob

In Part 8, The Nine Inch Nails performed at The Roadhouse. Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost dived into the origin story of The Black Lodge. The atom bomb gave birth to Bob and tore the walls down, bringing entities from the Black Lodge into our dimension. Everything else is just interpretative.

7) Diane

Don’t know if she deserved it or not, but let’s say she did, I cheered when Diane (Laura Dern) cursed out FBI agent Tammy (Chrysta Bell). We see a glimpse of Dale Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan) in Dougie as he takes down Ike ‘The Spike’ Stadtler (Christophe Zajac-Denek).

6) Fire Walk With Me

In Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me, Special Agent Chester Desmond (Chris Isaak) assumed Carl Rodd (Harry Dean Stanton) was just a simple owner of an RV lot. But in Part 6, Carl witnessed a boy’s soul drift away after being run away. Todd appears to be a bigger deal because he has a connection to The Black Lodge.

5) We Meet Shelly’s Daughter

Shelly (Mädchen Amick) gets a visit from her daughter Becky (Amanda Seyfried). In an extended take, we watch Becky get high as her junkie boyfriend, Steve (Caleb Landry Jones) drives around. Interestingly, Bobby (Dana Ashbrook), the bad boy of Twin Peaks with a heart of gold, is now a cop!?! Is Becky Bobby’s daughter? I want to see the three together in one shot because they all look beautiful! 

4) Before Fox Mulder, He was Denise Bryson

Deputy Director Gordon Cole (Lynch) meets a familiar face in Part 4. Denise Bryson (David Duchovny) has now been promoted and is Cole’s superior. Denise warns Gordon to lay his hands off Tammy because he has a history with female recruits. Interestingly, Lynch didn’t direct Duchovny in the second season of Twin Peaks; this makes up for lost time.

3) Dougie

In Part 3, Lynch spends a lot of time telling the story of how Dale Cooper escapes the Black Lodge.

2) They”re Friends Now?

During the Chromatics’ performance of “Shadow,” Shelly (Amick) is out at the bar with her girlfriends. At the same place, Shelly tells her friends that James Hurley (James Marshall) “isn’t weird, he’s cool!” No he’s not! He never was! 

1) The Return

When they first meet, Dale says to Deputy Chief Tommy Hill (Michael Horse) that if he’s every lost, he knows Hawk will find him. 25 years later, The Log Lady tells Hawk that he has to rescue Cooper, sending him back on the trail of the Black Lodge.

Twin Peaks: The Return continues Sundays at 9pm on Showtime.

– By Jorge Solis