I Am Night Episode 1, TNT

(Courtesy of TNT)

A terrifying Hollywood crime story is brought to light as TNT premieres the highly anticipated pilot, Episode 1, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. Based on a true story, director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) takes a tip back to the 1960s past, during the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

Over in Reno, Nevada, Pat is made fun at school because she is of black/white descent. The police harass her around as she makes out with a boy from school. As her mother, Jimmy Lee (Golden Brooks) reminds Pat that she is a naive girl with foolish dreams that will go nowhere for her. 

In Los Angeles, Jay Singletary (Chis Pine) is a tabloid reporter. He has to take pictures of a crooked politician sleeping with his mistress. He used to be a good journalist but his expose turned him into a red flag.  

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Peter Sullivan (Leland Orser) hires Jay for another job. He has to take pictures of a dead body of a murder victim. In disguise as a doctor, Jay sneaks his way into the morgue and finds the dead body, snapping away pics.

Almost uncovering a conspiracy, Jay ends up being discovered by some crooked cops. They nd up beating him to a pulp and drop him inside their police car. Lucky for Jay, he still has friends in the police force to unlock his handcuffs. His luck continues as he still has the camera roll in his sock. 

In a drunken rage, Jimmy Lee tells Pat that she isn’t her daughter. During her job as a nurse, Pat discovers more information about her past. She starts to make connections to George Hodel when she hears tragic news. 

After speaking with George Hodel (Jefferson Mays), Pat realizes he knows more about her mother than what he’s saying. George wants to see her in California, she should make a visit.  Seeing Pat leave beaks Jimmy Lee’s heart.  

Finally arriving in California, Pat starts looking around and making calls to her grandfather. She is warned not to go anywhere near that man; he’s a bad man. At that same time, Jimmy Lee makes a call to Jay, just as he is about to commit suicide, telling him he was right about George Hodel. 

One Day She’ll Darken Ep 101 ph: Clay Enos 27475_001

While Pat waits in the middle of the streets looking lost, her grandfather, George Hodel, is hosting a Hollywood party at his mansion.

I Am The Night continues Mondays at 9pm on TNT. 

By Jorge Solis