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(Courtesy of Clay Enos)

A terrifying Hollywood crime story is brought to light as TNT continues with, Episode 2: Phenomenon of Interference, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. Based on a true story, director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) takes a tip back to the 1960s past, during the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

The last time we saw them, Jay Singletary (Chis Pine) discovers a mystery he discovered from his past has now resurfaced. He hasn’t met her yet, but Pat (India Eisley) discovered she has been lied to her entire life. Her grandfather, George Hodel, might be hiding something as he hosts a Hollywood party at his mansion.

While Pat witnesses racism on the bus, Jay tells his boss, Peter Sullivan (Leland Orser), about the phone call he received.Peter starts to warn Jay about digging up past secrets. Jay ultimately refuses to listen to his boss and decides to take on the case by himself. 

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Even after socializing at a party, Pat is too scared to visit her grandfather’s home by herself. Even with a new friend, Pat can’t seem to gather up courage to knock on his door. While Jay ends up getting a hooker mad and not paying her, Pat finds herself taking to a mystery blonde. 

Jay gets more bad news from his boss. The photos he took from the morgue weren’t of the hacked murder victim. Jay thinks this is a coverup as he finds himself crossing paths but never talking to Pat.

While visiting a museum, Pat realizes she is being followed. The same man in the museum is the same man who spoke to her at a past bus stop. Someone is definitely stalking her, which frightens Pat to leave.   

After reconnecting with the hooker, Jay ends up protecting from her a screaming man. The hooker starts to reveal  parts of he past, how her baby was taken from her. In his drug induced state, Jay makes a connection to Pat and starts to look for her. 

Furious that he missed her at the museum, Jay knocks out a security guard. Sitting at the back of the bus, Pat doesn’t realizes another mysterious figure is following her.

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I Am The Night continues Mondays at 9pm on TNT. 

By Jorge Solis