TNT I Am Night Episode 3, Chris Pine

A terrifying Hollywood crime story is brought to light as TNT continues I Am The Night with, Episode 3: Dark Flower, starring Chris Pine and India Eisley. Based on a true story, director Patty Jenkins (Wonder Woman) takes a tip back to the 1960s past, during the legendary Black Dahlia murder.

The last time we saw them, Jay Singletary (Chis Pine) discovers a mystery he discovered from his past has now resurfaced. He hasn’t met her yet, but Pat (India Eisley) discovered she has been lied to her entire life. Her grandfather, George Hodel (Jefferson Mays), might be hiding something as he hosts a Hollywood party at his mansion.

Pat is hiding dark secrets of her own from her childhood. When she was little, Pat was hiding in the corner as George Hodel hosted his Hollywood sex parties. Pat watched in awe at the naked bodies, when George placed a black bag over a naked girl’s head. 

27475_005 I am the Night – Episode 103 01.18.2018

As a stalker follows Pat around, Jay ends up in the Interrogation Room. The arresting officers continue to see Jay as a utter joke, but they do know he’s holding something back. Before Jay’s beating can continue, his friends shows up and gets him out of the Interrogation Room. We discover Jay was unstoppable killing machine in the war and saved his friend from death. 

Sepp happens to be an artist when he’s not stalking Pat. He has made a homemade violin, with wire strings, out o the back of a mannequin. Sepp wants to do more for his boss, but for now, he has to continue tracking Pat.  

By lucky chance, Jay happens to find himself in a Mexican standoff with Pat and her stalker, Sepp (Dylan Smith). Both men want Pat to get in the car with her; She has to make a choice. Pat gets into Jay’s car while Jay and her stalker, Sepp, have a silent standoff of their own. 

While at the diner, Jay tries to get Pat to talk to him. She manages to snake out of the diner and runs back home. Pat is worried about the family watching over her, thinking they might be in danger. 

Knowing he has failed, Jay finds himself attempting to re-enlist. Unfortunately he is too old to return to the army. Pat is even more reluctant to return home after speaking with her adopted mother. 

With a hooker in is passenger seat, Jay looks at his tabloid magazine, then the photos he recently took. There may be a connection to the Black Dahlia Murders. 

27475_005 I am the Night – Episode 103 01.18.2018

I Am The Night continues Mondays at 9pm on TNT. 

By Jorge Solis