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(Courtesy of AMC & Mountain Dew)

In anticipation of the Season 8 premiere, AMC and Mountain Dew have partnered together for the first-of-its-kind The Walking Dead Encounter app. The augmented reality app coincides with the popular zombie apocalypse drama’s 100th episode milestone and must-have limited edition Mountain Dew packaging.

As we previously mentioned, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has declared war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Alexandria has joined with the survivors of the Hilltop and the Kingdom against Sanctuary. After the loss of crucial members of his team, Rick is more than ready for some payback against Negan and the Saviors.

Here are 5 reasons why we love The Walking Dead Encounter:

5) Collect The Limited Edition Set!

Chauncey Hamlett, senior director of marketing for Mountain Dew states, “By partnering with AMC and the incredibly successful The Walking Dead series, we’re bringing together two of the most passionate fan bases in the country. We’re excited to give fans the opportunity to collect limited edition Mountain Dew products featuring iconic show characters, and unlock new walkers each week with the augmented reality app.”

4) You Get Rick, Daryl, & Michonne!

In the limited edition Mountain Dew packaging, character images of Rick Grimes, Michonne and Daryl Dixon will be placed on the single serve bottles and the 12-pack outer cases! These will be sold in stores this Fall.

3) Meet Your Own Zombie!

The augmented reality app allows its users to experience some of the show’s gruesome zombies. Walkers will suddenly appear in their real-world environments. You can then share these interactions via social media.

2) Unlock Walkers!

With the app, uses can unlock the undead walkers two ways.  At store locations, users can scan their limited edition “The Walking Dead” Mountain Dew packaging. During the season, watch the Mountain Dew commercials during The Walking Dead episodes live. Viewers will be able to unlock new walkers each week.

1) More Than Just A TV Show!

Scott Collins, president of advertising sales for AMC Networks, mentions, “With our partners at Mountain Dew, we’ve built something that includes extensive visibility for our series, closely aligned with their product, and the augmented reality app merges the real world, the world of the show and a popular beverage in an incredibly powerful and sharable way.”

The Walking Dead Encounter app is available on both iOS and Android devices. Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres October 22, 2017 on AMC.

– By Jorge Solis