The Walking Dead, DVD, AMC

(Courtesy of Anchor Bay)

Anchor Bay Home Entertainment unleashes The Walking Dead: Season 7, starring fan favorites Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus, onto DVD and Blu-Ray. Check out your favorite episodes of the popular zombie apocalypse before the AMC horror drama’s 100th episode milestone.

As we previously mentioned, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) has declared war against Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan). Alexandria has joined with the survivors of the Hilltop and the Kingdom against Sanctuary. After the loss of crucial members of his team, Rick is ready for some payback against Negan and the Saviors.

SPOILERS AHEAD! We have 5 reasons why you should get The Walking Dead Season 7 on DVD and Blu-Ray:

5) The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be!

The shocking Season 7 premiere continued right after the cliffhanger, revealing who Negan killed with his baseball bat. Negan brutally beat Glenn (Steven Yeun) and Abraham (Ross Marquand), to a pulp with his baseball bat, Lucille. Jeffrey Dean Morgan demonstrates the brute strength and twisted humor of the memorable comic book villain.

4) The World Building!

Just like in the comics, showrunner Scott Gimple did take away the comic relief with Glenn’s death. The show had to become really dark and pessimistic in tone, keeping the ensemble cast separated most of the season. Gimple was also putting Tara (Alanna Masterson) and building the world outside of Alexandria. 

3) Bury Me Here!

You can tell the show really wants its Emmy! Not for the special effects, but for the writing and performances! Just like in Here’s Not Here, Morgan (Lennie James) gets his standalone episode with Bury Me Here. It’s a riveting performance delivered by James and really one of the standout episodes that barely has a walker in it!

2) The Music!

I don’t think Bear McCreary gets the credit he deserves on this show. His wonderfully composed tracks highlight the emotional payoff during the climatic finales of Hearts Still Beating and The First Day of the Rest of Your Life.

1) The Special Features!

Audio Commentaries

Deleted & Alternate Scenes

“Inside The Walking Dead” Featurette

“The Making of The Walking Dead” Featurette

“In Memorium” Featurette

“A Larger World” Featurette

“Breaking & Rebuilding” Featurette

“A New Chapter of Fear” Featurette

“Top Walkers” Featurette

“Warrior Women” Featurette

“The Writers of The Walking Dead” Featurette

The Walking Dead: Season 7 arrives on DVD and Blu-Ray August 22, 2017. Season 8 of The Walking Dead premieres October 22, 2017 on AMC.