Watchmen Episode 1, HBO

HBO premieres the highly anticipated Watchmen, with Episode 1: It’s Summer and We’re Running Out of Ice, starring Regina King and Don Johnson. Based on the DC comics masterpiece by Alan Moore And Dave Gibbons, find out what happens in the alternate future where police officers band together against an impending apocalypse. 

During the Tulsa Massacre, a little boy watches as the race riots slaughter his entire family. The boy wakes up and finds his carriage burning, with a baby crying nearby. He carries a paper with him that says, “Take Care Of This Boy.”

Out on the road, a police officer stops a driver and spots a Rorschach mask. While asking for permission to release his gun, the police officer gets shot by the driver. A cop killer is on the loose as Adrian Veidt (Jeremy Irons) celebrates his anniversary.

While Angela (King) is teaching a cooking class, her daughter starts a fight with an ignorant bully. On their way back, the sky darkens and starts raining baby squids. Angela then turns into Sister Night when she gets the call from Judd Crawford (Johnson). 


After presenting a video, Judd warns the officers that the 7th Cavalry has been hibernating for 3 years before striking back. The return of the 7th Cavalry frightens the police force enough for an emergency release of their firearms. After stuffing her suspect into the trunk of her police car. Sister Night tells Judd knows what white supremacy looks and smells bleach.

Inside the pod, Looking Glass (Tim Blake Nelson) interrogates Sister Night’s suspect. The suspect knows something but won’t give up the location. Sister Night gets the 7th Cavalry’s whereabouts after beating the suspect senseless.  

During the raid at the camp, Sister Night and Red duck from the heavy gunfire. As the cows are blasting away, a few of the 7th Cavalry make their way to their plane. Sister Night manages to storm through, taking out the remaining 7th Cavalry. 

Judd and his pilot chase off inside the Nite Owl plane after the escaping plane. The Nite Owl shoots off fire, causing a mass explosion. Sister Night hurries off toward the burning crash site. Judd climbs out of Nite Owl’s wrecked plane and starts laughing.  

Angela and Judd celebrate their victory with a family dinner. After snorting a dose of his drugs, Judd starts singing a song from the Oklahoma! musical. Judd warns Angela that something is coming; it’s the end of the world…tick tock. 

Later that night, Judd’s beeper sounds off as he spends a quiet moment with his wife. His wounded officer has just woke up from the hospital. On his way, Judd stops his police car after getting a flat tire and gets ambushed.  

After receiving a mysterious phone call, Angela hands her husband a gun before heading out. Meeting at the destination, Angela stumbles upon a gruesome murder scene. With rope tied to his neck, Judd has been strung up to a tree.


Next to Judd’s dead body is the Will Reeves (Louis Gossett Jr.), with the paper that says, “Take care of this boy.”

Watchmen continues Sundays on HBO at 9pm.

By Jorge Solis