WGN America’s ‘Bellevue’ Recap: Episode 1 “Pilot”

Bellevue Episode 1, WGN America

(Courtesy of Jan Thijs/WGN America)

After months eagerly awaiting the official date, WGN America airs the highly anticipated U.S. premiere of the Canadian drama, Bellevue, with Episode 1: Pilot. Audiences will definitely be on the edge-of-their-seats watching Detective Annie Ryder (Paquin) in each thrilling episode of the eight-part arc.

In a sting operation, Ryder is drunkenly undressing and just about to have sex with a drug dealer. Her seduction gets him to reveal when his next shipment is coming. As the cops come storming in, they arrest the drug dealer  and take him away. All alone, Ryder needs her ex to pick her up.

Elsewhere, Jessie Sweetland is getting ready and dressing up to go out. After Annie get her daughter ready for school, she gets a lecture from the Mayor (Janine Theriault) and a congratulations for the drug case. At school, Annie’s daughter Daisy (Madison Ferguson) gives a speech about a murder that took place at Bellevue that involved her grandfather.

Annie is called into duty and helps out the town’s very own crazy old man. She then arrives at the crime scene, grabs the floating papers, and starts to put the clues together. Chief Peter Welland (Shawn Doyle) gets the squad-room together to look into Jessie’s kidnapping.

At the local bar, Annie meets the pedophile in question. He ends up giving a piece of paper to her before running away. The message reminds her of a riddle her father asked her to solve. Chief Peter Welland reminds her the riddle wasn’t from her father, but from some crazy person messing with her head.

Bellevue Episode 1, WGN America
Photo: Philippe Bosse

Eddie Roe (Allen Leech) is in the closet, drinking with his ex Annie. Daisy wants to see her parents together but something is keeping them separated. In the middle of the night, Annie finds the abandoned church and finds a sculpture that’s not supposed to be there. All of a sudden, she gets a call from Jessie’s kidnapper.

In the morning, she ends up interrogating Jessie’s mother. Chief Peter Welland thinks the kidnapping has something to do with Jessie’s cross-dressing. During the night, Annie and daisy are part of Jessie’s search party.

Annie goes back to the abandoned church and finds the walls drenched in blood. Someone made a bloody portrait of Jessie, covered in barbed wire, on the wall.

Waiting in the car, Daisy is attacked by a mysterious stranger. She is frightened half to death as he writes a message for Annie on the window. The stranger leaves right away as Daisy honks for help.

Bellevue Episode 1, WGN America
Photo: Jan Thijs

The trip back home is a long ride for Annie and her frightened daughter.

Bellevue continues Tuesdays at 10pm on WGN America.

– By Jorge Solis

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