Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 1, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

DC Universe continues the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, with the latest installment of Outsiders, in Episode 1: Princes All, starring the voices of Bruce Greenwood, Jesse McCartney, and Khary Payton. The superhero team is caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. 

Reeling from the loss of Wally West, Nightwing has announced his leave from the team, which frightens Aqualad. The team is in good hands, especially with Batgirl and Aqualad around. It’s business as usual as the other members get together for another mission. Nightwing smiles even though no one says goodbye to him. 

Times have changed as Aqualad is now Aquaman and Beast Boy is a major Hollywood Star, thanks to his successful Space Trek. Beast Boy has made an infomercial discussing the dangers of metahuman trafficking. “If you see something, Scream!” Gar warns.

At a foreign planet, Black Lightning finds himself responsible for the death of an innocent girl. The innocent victim was kidnapped and experimented on in a lab. Unable to control her powers, she died after getting hit by a blast from Black Lightning. 

Metahuman trafficking has become a major issue at the Watchtower. The problems are only getting worse, now that Lex Luthor has a powerful seat at the United Nations. Feeling impotent and wanting to take control, Batman announces his resignation from the Justice League. 

Others follow Batman and hand in their resignation, including Robin and Green Arrow. Black Lightning resigns  but only because his powers have stopped working. Elsewhere, Nightwing is putting together a covert team after discovering evidence of trafficking at the foreign nation of Markhovia. 

While Superboy proposes to Miss Martian, the King and Queen of Markhovia are publicly welcoming metahumans and refugees. At the palace, a young woman named Halo witnesses the death of the king and queen at the hands of a speedster. 

With Gregor And Rion becoming the next heirs to the throne, Bedlam starts to manipulate them into inciting a war against refugees and metahumans.

Young Justice: Outsiders continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis