Young Justice: Outsiders Episode 5, DC Universe

(Courtesy of DC Universe)

DC Universe continues the highly anticipated third season of Young Justice, with the latest installment of Outsiders, in Episode 5: Away Mission, starring the voices of Jesse McCartney and Khary Payton. The superhero team is caught in the crossfire of a genetic arms race spanning the globe and the galaxy. 

With Nightwing on his way to the Kent Farm, Big Bear shows up to meet with Superboy and Miss Martian. Though he wants to celebrate their engagement, Big Bear has distressing news. There is a war brewing between the New Gods and the Bugs. 

The Bugs feel cheated out of a deal as Orion steals their crystals. The Bugs feel like they need to go into battle against the New Gods for this crime. Forager though feels like something is wrong and doesn’t believe what his eyes tell him. 

While calling home, Brion continues to get the worse news. Markhovia has not settled its problems with the refugees and the metahumans. Frustrated with being exiled, Brion has no news about when he’ll be coming back home.

Elsewhere, Miss Martian sets up her own team to go with Big Bear. Impulse, now wearing the Kid Flash costume, joins Blue Beetle and the others to go on the space mission. They also witness Orion committing another crime in front of the Bugs.  

Reading the minds around her, Miss Martian decides to investigate further on her own. The fake Orion is actually her brother in disguise, M’orzz. Using his shape-shifting abilities, M’orzz is slowly setting up a war between the New Gods and the Bugs behind-the-scenes.

Miss Martian doesn’t believe in what her brother is preaching. She has found a family and love on Earth; there is no need for war. Impulse and Blue Beetle arrive in the nick of time to stop M’orzz from attacking his sister. Even Forager helps out during the battle. 

Because he sided with the New Gods, Forager is punished by the Bugs, his own people, and is banished from home. 

Young Justice: Outsiders continues on DC Universe. 

By Jorge Solis