Barrier #5, Image Comics

(Courtesy of Image Comics)

A clever and blood-stirring sci-fi thriller, Barrier #5 (Image Comics) delivers a stark and thought-provoking message with a sharp political edge. After debuting on, the popular webcomic by Brian K. Vaughan, Muntsa Vicente, and Marcos Martin is being published in a must-have limited print run!

Barrier dives into violence, language, and illegal immigration…with a shocking sci-fi twist. Oscar and Liddy must learn to communicate if they stand any chance of surviving their otherworldly captors. The 50-page finale brings our multilingual epic to its shocking conclusion,

5) What Happened Before…

Just when Liddy had Oscar cornered, she was about to pull the trigger and blast away. Their standoff was interrupted by the glowing fire up in the sky. An alien spaceship kidnapped them and has been holding them hostage in their spaceship. What will the extraterrestrials do to them?

4) The Social Commentary!

Writer Brian K. Vaughan emphasizes the theme of language between his two protagonists. Liddy  and Oscar don’t speak each other’s language but they share the common anguish of pain. This pain that they can relate to will bring them together to stand up against their alien captors.

3) The Experimental Artwork!

This installment is also printed in its original “landscape” format, which means it has been side-stapled for convenient viewing. Your eyes will be captivated by Muntsa Vicente’s surreal alien designs. Vicente focuses on the emotional roller-coaster ride that Oscar finds himself in as the aliens force him to reveal his darkest secrets.

2) The Colors!

Outer space is a beautiful rainbow in Marcos Martin’s vivid palette. Notice how the alien balloons are devoid of words and contain just color. Interestingly, we can tell what the emotion the character is going through without the use of dialogue.  

1) An Excellent Read!

Overall, one helluva excellent read, Barrier #5 delivers a satisfying conclusion with an ironic twist! I can’t wait to hear about the next project from this creative team!



Four out of four emojis

Barrier #5 arrives in stores on May 30th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis