Farmhand #1, Image Comics

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Animated and wonderfully bizarre, Farmhand #1 (Image Comics) overflows with great and weird ideas that readers will simply enjoy! In its first installment, Farmhand manages to be a gripping family drama that balances the horror and comedy.

Jedidiah Jenkins is a farmer—but his cash crop isn’t corn or soy. Jed grows fast-healing, plug-and-play human organs. Lose a finger? Need a new liver? He’s got you covered. Unfortunately, strange produce isn’t the only thing Jed’s got buried. Deep in the soil of the Jenkins Family Farm, something dark has taken root, and it’s beginning to bloom.

Here are 5reasons why you should get Farmhand#1:

5) Chew!

Did you love Chew back in the day, before it hit its final issue? Remember loving those pages so much? Well artist Rob Guillory is writing and drawing his own series, and it’s unbelievably phenomenal!

4) The Writing!

Writer/artist Rob Guillory tells the narrative from the perspective of Jed’s son, Ezekiel. Living under his father’s shadow, Ezekiel wants to be his own man, but the family business is calling him. Letterer Kody Chamberlain emphasizes certain words during the jump scares, which heightens the terrifying aspects.

3) The Artwork!

Pulling off the double duty, Guillory starts off the opening pages with a surreal nightmare. Slowing down the pace, the illustrations spotlight the sweet and tender moments of Ezekiel’s family life. Even when Zeke is trying to raise his son, the Jenkins Family Farm, a constant reminder, appears in the background.

2) The Colors!

Because the Jenkins Family Farm is a major setting, colorist Taylor Wells focuses on the green and yellow tones. Even the captions in the panels are given their own blue hues. Notice how shades of red pop out during signs of danger.

1) A Wild Read!

Highly off-the-wall in its concept and execution, Farmhand #1 is an imaginative display of artwork and storytelling. I look forward to what happens next in the second issue.

Farmhand #1 arrives in stores on July 11th, 2017.



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