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The Horror Collective presents a thought-provoking and effective coming-of-age thriller, The Perished, staring Courtney McKeon and Fiach Kunz. Writer/director Paddy Murphy delivers biting social commentary in a twisted examination of motherhood and underground abortions. 

Sarah Dekker (McKeon) is dealing with the trauma of an abortion. Shunned by her mother and dumped by her boyfriend, Shane (Kunz) she recovers at an old parochial house. Unbeknownst to her, the house is the site of a mass baby grave. They need a mother. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should see The Perished:

5) Courtney McKeon!

At the emotional core of the somber narrative, Courtney McKeon delivers a gut-wrenching portrayal of the ostracized Sarah Dekker. In her hard-hitting coming-of-age tale, Sarah (McKeon) has to deal with family, religion, and society after an unwanted pregnancy. The consequences are brutal, with no easy answers, for Sarah if she becomes a single and unwed mother. 

4) Paul Fitzgerald!

In the tension-filled narrative, Paul Fitzgerald brings in the levity as Sarah’s oblivious and self-centered friend, Davet. After Sarah is kicked out of her home, Davet (Fitzgerald) shares an honest and heartbreaking humorous truth about himself. As we see these characters explore how society has left them unwanted, the horror gradually builds with ominous sounds from a baby. 

3) The Monster!

The Perished

Something hideous is stirring within the old parochial house. I was really blown away by the look of the Creature, made by the special effects team, Lynn O’Doherty and Bekki Tubridy. The Creature looks gooey, nasty, and practical.  

2) The Direction!

Writer/director Paddy Murphy smartly examines abortion through different perspectives. Viewers are given a chance to explore Sarah’s struggles, her family’s religious beliefs, and her boyfriend’s blatant immaturity. The foreboding scares are intertwined with the real-life social horrors. 

1) A Thought-Provoking Thriller!

The Perished

With a superb lead performance, viewers will be blown away by Courtney McKeon’s heartbreaking performance in The Perished. The running social commentary will surely get a reaction from audiences. 

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By Jorge Solis

One thought on “5 Reasons We Love Courtney McKeon’s ‘The Perished!’”

  1. First of all, this film is utterly inappropriate in its treatment of abortion. As someone who has had to experience a teenage abortion this film made a complete mockery of my trauma. It perpetuates clichés that only drunk teenage girls get pregnant and that every girl… has an outrageously cliched gay best friend. The Perished even projects a perspective that places guilt upon those that have had abortions by depicting our abortions as monsters returning for revenge. It is a clumsy film clearly written from a naive MALE perspective and has no right to be celebrated on this site.

    FINALLY… as an effects artist working in the industry… I can assure you that the ‘monster’ celebrated in your article is simply a store bought mask which anyone can buy over here

    This is a misogynistic film and The Horror Collective should be ashamed of themselves. Likewise their latest film Greenlight…

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