Stan The Man, Avail

Avail Films presents the slick and hilarious trailer to the fantasy romantic comedy, Stan the Man, starring Steven Chase and Anne Leighton. Director Steven Chase has put together a feel-good rom com that audiences will surely enjoy. 

Stan Mann (Steven Chase), a new money multi-millionaire, whose life consists of ladies, gambling and booze, lives at a 5-star hotel where the staff tends to his every need. Known as “Stan the Man” for his extreme generosity, he gets mixed up in a casino gambling scheme with Russian mobsters. 

Here are 5 reasons why we love Stan The Man trailer: 

5) The High Life!

Stan Mann (Chase) is certainly enjoying himself with all the money. In the trailer, Mann happens to be surrounded by beautiful brunettes and gorgeous blondes. Everything goes horribly wrong for Stan when he gets mixed up with the wrong crowd. 

4) The Turning Point!

On one fateful day at the casino, Stan loses everything on a bad bet. Planning to drown his sorrows in a bottle, Stan is critically wounded in a liquor store robbery. He unexpectedly ends up taking the bullet intended for the store clerk, Kristi (Anne Leighton). 

3) Angel!

During his near-death experience in the ER, a slightly resentful Angel gives Stan an ultimatum. He has about 30 days to change his ways and redeem himself. As the days start ticking down, Stan has to find his one true love, who can put up with his selfish ways.

2) The Romantic Drama!

Stan though is already promised to another as he’s getting ready to walk down the aisle. But is he really ready to make a huge commitment with marriage? Is he getting married to the wrong person? Or is he meant to be with Kristi (Leighton)?

1) A Mixture Of Genres!

If you love comedies and have a tendency to get romantic, you definitely need to check out Stan the Man.

Stan the Man can be found on Amazon Prime and other VOD platforms.

By Jorge Solis