Bloodshot #6, Valiant Entertainment

With the whizzing of nonstop bullets, BLOODSHOT #6 (Valiant Entertainment) uses its insane action set pieces to deliver massive rounds of pure adrenaline. For fans of ‘80s action movies, Bloodshot delivers exactly what it promises; a bone-crunching comic book with thrills and frills. 

This issue will change Bloodshot forever and you’ll never guess how it will end.  

Here are 5 reasons why you should read Bloodshot #6:

5) What Happened Before!

Bloodshot #6

In our New York Comic Con interview, Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers describes the series, “Tim and Brett are cooking up an incredible story! Tim describes it as action meets Frankenstein. It’s looking at Bloodshot as Frankenstein’s monster. It’s so much fun seeing Bloodshot go out, have his own agency, and take care of himself first; rather than having to worry about which overlord at the time is in control of his program.” 

4) The Writing!

Writer Tim Seeley explores what would happen if Bloodshot revisited a past mission, when he previously abruptly stopped a secret ritual. Interestingly, in the jump from past to present, the characters have evolved technology-wise and have grown older. The letters by Dave Sharpe emphasizes how Mina has to think on her feet and improvise as Bloodshot becomes a killing machine. 

3) The Artwork!

Brett Booth’s artwork does a fantastic job displaying the designs of the antagonists, Friday Dusk and the Last Flesh. The inks by Adelso Corona highlight the curls of Friday Dusk’s hair and her cybernetic arms. The Last Flesh are sadistic cult members who have a fetish for replacing their human body parts with technology.

2) The Colors!

The color palette by Andrew Dalhouse dominate the pages with bright gray and dark bluish tones. The colors really stand out when half of Bloodshot’s body is burnt and scarred. My favorite panel, which is shockingly gory, is when Mina has to make Bloodshot explode in order to escape from the shootout.  

1) The Intense Action!

Bloodshot #6 sets up the dynamic between our protagonist and his newfound partner. I’m can’t wait for the next issue! 

Bloodshot #6 arrives in stores on February 12, 2019. 

By Jorge Solis