Blindspot Season 4 Episode 13, NBC

With its official return on NBC, Season 5 of Blindspot starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton, will premiere during Summer 2020. After the shocking events of Season 4, will Jane Doe (Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Stapleton) find a way to clear their names? 

As we previously mentioned, Jane Doe (Alexander) found herself mysteriously covered with bioluminescent tattoos. Jane’s only clues are covered all her tattooed body. With the help of her husband, Kurt Weller (Stapleton), and the FBI’s Critical Incident Response Group, Jane has to figure what these mysterious tattoos mean before a major disaster occurs.

[SPOILERS AHEAD!!] Here are 5 reasons we’re excited for Blindspot Season 5:

5) Summertime!

According to Deadline, NBC unveiled its midseason schedule. Blindspot’s fifth and final season will have a 13-episode run. Though a premiere date has not been set in stone, Blindspot is expected to return sometime during the summer of 2020.

4) That Cliffhanger!

When we last left Blindspot, during the fourth season finale, Jane (Alexander) witnessed their secret cabin exploding into a million pieces. Just before the explosion, Kurt (Stapleton)  had patched things up with Reade (Rob Brown), Tasha (Esparza), and Patterson (Ashley Johnson). At this point, we’re not sure who’s in the casualty list from the drone attack!

3) A Propulsive Season!

Creator/showrunnner Martin Gero revealed to TVLine about what’s in store, “It leads to a very propulsive Season 5, unlike any [season] we’ve ever done. It’s basically the team against the world, trying to still take down Madeline but also trying to clear their name… The whole final season is about getting back home.”

2) A Harder Hit!

During our interview, stunt actress Heidi Germaine Schnappauf discussed doubling for Alexander, “Jaimie is the best experience as a stunt double I have ever had! She’s extremely kind, first of all. She’s willing to do everything to make it look good. Even if it means doing a certain move, allowing me to do a certain move, taking a harder hit, or starting a move and she’ll finish it; vice versa.”

1) The F-Word!

We also mentioned, Schnappauf has stepped behind the camera and onto the director’s chair for her upcoming film, F-Word. The story follows an all-American boy named Mike who discovers he likes to sing while wearing high heels. Find out more about the F-Word right here!

Season 5 of Blindspot will premiere on NBC for its final season.

By Jorge Solis