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In an exclusive interview with Villain Media at New York Comic Con 2019, Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers talks about the upcoming lineup of comics from Valiant Entertainment. Find out what’s in store for the popular characters from Bloodshot, Quantum and Woody, Livewire, and more!

The nanite-fueled super solider known as Bloodshot faces his biggest challenge with the shadowy Black Bar. The world’s worst superhero duo are back to save the world again in the all-new Quantum & Woody series! Amanda McKee — aka the technopath psiot known as Livewire — confronts her biggest challenge yet as she faces off against the media. The Psi-Lords are on the course to changing the entire universe — the problem is, they don’t know who they are. 

From the recent New York Comic Con, Senior Editorial Director Robert Meyers discusses what makes each title unique, the upcoming titles readers should keep an eye out for, and what really makes Valiant so special. Make sure you check up on all our previous reviews as we head into the editor’s studio to discuss the craft of making comics.


Villain Media: We’re just a few months away from the new year and the hashtag #Valiant2020 is already gaining momentum on social media, what can readers expect from the Valiant Universe in the upcoming new year?

Robert Meyers: In 2020, you’re going to see the return of some of our biggest characters, as well as the launch of some new characters. Expect some brand new heroes, villains, and some people who are going to be in-between. There will be some new groupings and some new teams that are going to surprise people.  

VM: I’m a huge fan of the Quantum & Woody comics. I love that there will be an all-new series from Christopher Hastings (The Unbelievable Gwenpool) and astonishing artist Ryan Browne (Curse Words). Quantum & Woody kicks off January with its first issue.

RM: We thought it was the best way to launch 2020 with everybody’s favorite heroes. And when I say favorite, I mean “least favorite.” Because they’re the worst! [Laughs] Christopher Hastings and Ryan Browne put together is just out of this world! It’s so much fun! It’s funny! It’s got heart! Christopher said he approached it as comedy first. But he also wants it to be a book about family and the bond that ties us together. 

Quantum & Woody

VM: As a fan of Vin Diesel’s movies, such as Boiler Room and Pitch Black, I’m excited for his take on Ray Garrison in the Bloodshot movie! 

RM: Yeah! We’re so excited! I’ve seen some footage. I’ve seen the rough cut of the trailer. Everybody’s going to see the trailer for the movie very soon. 

VM: I loved the first issue of Bloodshot! I love the pairing of Tim Seeley (Grayson) and Brett Booth (Teen Titans). The comic book makes me pumped for the movie and the series itself! 

RM: Tim and Brett are cooking up an incredible story! Tim describes it as action meets Frankenstein. It’s looking at Bloodshot as Frankenstein’s monster. It’s so much fun seeing Bloodshot go out, have his own agency, and take care of himself first; rather than having to worry about which overlord at the time is in control of his program. 

Psi-Lords #4

VM: Fred Van Lente and Renato Guedes’ Psi-Lords does an incredible job building the cosmic mythology. Grounded and compelling with its social commentary, Vita Ayala and Tana Ford’s Livewire is quite interesting itself as a political thriller. What’s interests you more? The world building or the reflection of society?

RM: Both! We are positioned better than anyone else to do both. We can do big, crazy science-fiction. We do cosmic adventure and we can do politics. You can see with Vita’s Livewire as a reflection of the real world. You will see that with Tim and Brett’s Bloodshot

You’re going to see that in the upcoming Harbinger book. It’s very much about the now. And then we can do silly, fun superhero book. We’ve got a book coming up in February. We’ve been teasing it. And that’s going to be classic Silver Age style capes and heroes. Some really good stuff!

VM: How has being Senior Editorial Director changed you as a storyteller?

RM: I think I’ve grown a lot in the last couple of years. I’ve worked for Bill Jemas for a year and a half. I’ve learned so much from him. And then, I have a great team with me. Heather [Antos], Lysa [Hawkins], Greg Tumbarello — all our incredible editors are great storytellers. Everybody pitches in and really work together to craft creators.  

Livewire #11

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By Jorge Solis

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