Pearson Episode 3, USA Network

USA Network continues the highly anticipated Suits spinoff series, Pearson, starring Gina Torres and Morgan Specter, with Episode 3: The Union Leader. After leaving her New York firm behind, former lawyerJessica Pearson (Torres) jumps into the Chicago world of politics.  

With Alderman position up for grabs, real estate developer Pat McGann (Wayne Duvall) decides to announce his own recommendation. A lll eyes are now pointed at the nominee Betsy Sullivan. This doesn’t sit too well with Jessica because she can already sense that  Sullivan is not even right for the job.

PEARSON — “The Union Leader” Episode 103 — Pictured: Bethany Joy Lenz as Keri Allen — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

Meanwhile, Keri Allen (Bethany Joy Lenz) tis starting to feel the consequences of her affair with Mayor Novak (Spector). After meeting with a group of young kids, Keri is starting to have doubts about their relationship.  The Mayor is elsewhere, being a responsible husband with his sick wife, Stephanie Novak (Betsy Brandt).

Nick D’Amato (Simon Kassianides) is already having a difficult time getting used to being Jessica’s personal driver. While learning her ways of doing things, Nick starts to gain a bit of her trust. They just might have a lot in common

With the public housing development already in dismay, time is ticking to vacate the premises. The amount of days has come down from 90 to less than a week. Jessica’s strained relationship with Angela Cooke (Chantel Riley) is already at a breaking point. 

In her bid to get an extension, Jessica is forced to make a drastic decision. Jessica ends up blackmailing the person in charge of the public housing. Jessica ends up breaking down mentally and physically. She just wants to save Angela’s family from becoming homeless.

Torn between her moral codes and rescuing Angela, Jessica ends up actually doing something she could imagined. In the end though, Jessica’s relationship with Angela is slowly starting to move forward. 

PEARSON — “The Union Leader” Episode 103 — Pictured: (l-r) Gina Torres as Jessica Pearson, Chantel Riley as Angela Cook — (Photo by: Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network)

Jessica starts to believe own words, realizing everybody has their own price to pay.  

Pearson continues Wednesdays 10pm on USA Network. 

By Jorge Solis