Suits, Season 7, USA Network

(Courtesy of Ian Watson/USA Network)

USA Network has aired the first four episodes from Season 7 of their popular lawyer drama, Suits, starring Patrick J. Adams and Gabriel Macht. Let’s take a look back on the return of the slick lawyers Mike Ross and Harvey Specter.

As we previously mentioned, Mike Ross (Adams) found himself in prison life, starting his two-year sentence. Meanwhile, the Pearson Specter & Litt offices struggles to keep business afloat after the  departure of their partners. With the scandal affecting resources, Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), Louis Litt (Rick Hoffman), Donna Paulson (Sarah Rafferty) and Rachel Zane (Meghan Markle) attempt to save the firm. Harvey Specter (Macht) bent the rules and got Mike released from prison, but there were unfortunate consequences.

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5. They Both Have Therapists!?!

In Skin in the Game, Harvey has been going out on his romantic dates with his former therapist, Dr. Paula Agard (Christina Cole). With his recent breakup and the loss of being a father, Louis (Hoffman) has been seeking help from his therapist, Dr. Lipschitz (Ray Proscia). Is the show going to explore who has a healthier relationship with their therapist?

4. New Cast Member!

Audiences are introduced to Alex Williams (Dulé Hill) in The Statue. Backstory has already been built; Harvey and Alex have had a friendship over years since law school. It’s really nice seeing the West Wing actor back in a dramatic role!

3. First Day On The Job!

Alex’s first day on the job in Mudmare and he’s already making problems for Mike. At the end of the day, after Harvey tears them both a new one, Mike and Alex have a brief, awkward, and yet welcoming handshake.

2. What Secrets Is Alex Hiding?

To stop Thomas Bratton (Al Sapienza) from going after Harvey, Alex makes a deal to save the firm. Alex’s gets to keep his clients and money for 10 years before Bratton gets to take them away. Divide and Conquer sets up problems for Harvey and the others in the following episodes.

1. Back Together Again!

The cast is finally together after being separated most of sixth season. It’s always nice to see Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres) in her cameo appearances, which makes me wonder if those Suits spinoff rumors are actually true. Are we watching the backdoor pilot to her own show?

Season 7 of Suits airs Wednesdays at 9pm on USA Network.

– By Jorge Solis