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Interview: Writer/Director Billy Lewis Talks ‘The Terrible Two!’

Billy Lewis, Terrible Two

(Courtesy of Uncork’d Entertainment) Villain Media has an exclusive interview with writer/director Billy Lewis, who dishes on the paranormal scares within his haunted house in the supernatural thriller from Uncork’d Entertainment, The Terrible Two. Albert (Reid Doyle) and Rose Poe (Cari Moskow) will soon make new discoveries about their possessed home. The Terrible Two centers […]

Interview: Director Asta Paredes Talks ‘The Slightest Touch’ [Exclusive]

Angela Carbone, Asta Paredes

(Courtesy of Abandoned House Productions) In an exclusive interview with Villain Media, writer/director Asta Paredes discusses undertaking many roles on her dramatic short film, The Slightest Touch. The final results of The Slightest Touch attest to her immeasurable talent and drive —  and will no doubt “start a dialogue” with audiences. Described as a frenetic […]