5 Reasons We Love Shudder’s ‘Creepshow’ Cast & Director!

Creepshow Cast, Greg Nicotero Shudder Creepshow, Tom Savini Shudder Creepshow,Shudder Creepshow Cast, Creepshow

Shudder has announced the new cast members and director joining the highly anticipated horror anthology series, Creepshow. Based on the iconic ‘80s, written by Stephen King and directed by George A. Romero, check out who’s joining and who’s playing who in the upcoming horror series! In “Gray Matter,” Doc and Chief, two old-timers in a […]

5 Reasons We Love Gina Torres’ ‘Suits: Second City’ Cast!

Suits: Second City Cast, USA Network

(Courtesy of  Elizabeth Morris/USA Network) With Season 8 of Suits on break, USA Network has announced the cast joining Gina Torres, who plays powerhouse Jessica Pearson, in Suits: Second City. Suits fans will definitely want to check out how Jessica (Torres) moves from legal and into the make or break world of Chicago politics. As […]