Twin Peaks, Episode 18,

(Courtesy of Suzanne Tenner/SHOWTIME)

Showtime presents the finale of Twin Peaks: The Return with the very last nostalgic shocker, Episode 18: What Is Your Name? In the eighteenth episode, original stars, Kyle MacLachlan and Mädchen Amick, reunite along with new faces in the continuation of David Lynch’s mystery/crime drama.

After Dale Cooper (MacLachlan) defeated Bob, he tried to change the timeline and prevent Laura Palmer (Sheryl Lee)’s murder. After losing Laura, Dale attempts one more time and meets with Leland Palmer (Ray Wise) in the Black Lodge. Leland asks Dale to find Laura.

The Black Lodge disappears, Dougie is back with his family, and Dale finds himself in the woods. Diane (Laura Dern) is there waiting for him. Diane wants to go on this journey, even though she hesitates and warns Dale about the changes to come.

During their road trip, Diane and Dale follow the electricity. They end up staying at a one-story motel. While Dale is paying for the night at the front desk, Diane doesn’t look so surprised when she notices her doppelgänger.

Finally together at last, Diane and Dale then have passionless sex. Diane is unable to climax because Dale looks exactly like the doppelgänger who raped her. In the morning, Diane writes a note for Dale, signing the names, Richard and Linda, before leaving him.

Dale finds himself in the middle of Texas and drives around before stopping at Judy’s Diner. Unable to find the waitress, Dale ends up in a shootout with three rednecks. He gets the address where the missing waitress lives.

He discovers Laura Palmer has been reincarnated as Carrie Page. Men are after Carrie Page and they all want to kill her. She has a dead man sitting in her couch.

Dale tells Carrie that she is someone else and offers to take her to her mother. After some convincing, Carrie ends up in the car with Dale. After a long night of driving, Dale is unsure if they are being followed as they pass the empty Double RR diner.

At their final destination, Dale and Carrie meet the owner of the suburban house. The owner has never heard of Sarah Palmer; they have the wrong place. Dale is quite sure they are at Sarah Palmer’s house and looks around for clues.

Cooper asks Carries, “What year is this?”

At that moment, Sarah Palmer is in her own time loop, possessed by Judy, and stabbing Laura Palmer’s prom picture. After hearing Sarah call out for her, Carrie screams after realizing she is Laura Palmer.

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– By Jorge Solis