Dark Matter :Season 3 DVD, Blu-Ray

Funimation brings in the action of the popular SYFY drama, Season 3 of Dark Matter, starring Zoie Palmer and Melissa O’Neil, onto DVD and Blu-ray. Relive your favorite moments from the third season’s final episodes and watch the bonus material included.

Dark Matter follows an intergalactic misfit crew after they suddenly awaken on a derelict spaceship. None of the crew members have any memories of who they are or how they got there. All they know is that they have to work together or they will end up dead.

[SPOILERS AHEAD] Here are 5 reasons why you need Dark Matter: Season 3 DVD:

5) Best Fight Scene Ever!

2 (Melissa O’Neil) is such a badass! as she takes on 4 (Alex Mallari Jr.) in the action-packed Hot Chocolate! I loved the choreography of the punches and kicks! It’s almost like the camera follows the two during the action in one unedited take.

4) Groundhog Day!

In a day that seems to always repeat itself, All the Time in the World does a great job deconstructing the tough guy persona with the 3 (played by Anthony Lemke). Lemke shows off his comedic talents alongside Zoie Palmer as The Android.

3) The Chemistry!

I have been a huge fan of Roger Cross since 24 and Jodelle Ferland is awesome as the spunky 5. Watching these two play off their scenes together is the true meaning of instant chemistry.

2) That Ending!

Nowhere to Go hinted at the show’s true potential as the past seasons lead to an epic alien invasion. Unfortunately, what was originally meant to be a teasing cliffhanger is now a series finale. I love shows that have an endgame planned out, instead of dragging out. You can tell the showrunners Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie had something epic in mind.

1) The Special Features


Backstage: Episode 1: First Interviews

Backstage: Episode 2: Visual Effects

Backstage: Episode 3: Will Six Return?

Backstage: Episode 4: Time Loop

Backstage: Episode 5: Wardrobe

Backstage: Episode 6: Adrian & Solara Say Goodbye

Backstage: Episode 7: Art Design

Backstage: Episode 8: Stunts

Backstage: Episode 9: Back to Earth

Backstage: Episode 10: Handicap International

Backstage: Episode 11: Ryo/Four Hybrid

Backstage: Episode 12: Directors

Backstage: Episode 13: Season Wrap…

Season 3 of Dark Matter  is available on DVD and Blu-Ray June 19th, 2018.

By Jorge Solis