Iris Shaw, Crow

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Because comic book sequels are always in demand from Hollywood, then Iris Shaw from Flesh & Blood (IDW Publishing), should take the lead in the next installment of The Crow movie. Let’s take an in-depth look at The Crow franchise, from the movies to the comics, and figure out what’s been missing in the adaptations.  

According to Deadline, Jason Momoa (Justice League) and director Corin Hardy (The Nun) formally exited the film. Sony was even close to exiting as the film’s worldwide distributor. Production was gearing up to start Budapest before the plug was pulled.

Here Are 5 Reasons Why Iris Shaw Should Be The Next Crow:

5) You can’t Top Brandon Lee

I knew from the off, that the idea of making a new version of The Crow was never going to be for everyone, because it is a beloved film. And I say that as someone in love with it myself. But I poured everything I had into the last 3.5 years of work, to try & create something which honoured what the Crow stood for; from James O’Barr’s affecting graphic novel, to Alex Proyas’s original movie, with great respect to Brandon Lee and with the desire to make something bold and new, that myself, as an obsessive fan, could be proud of. And with @prideofgypsies Jason Momoa, and my amazing team of artists & film-makers, we came SO close. But sometimes, when you love something so much, you have to make hard decisions. And yesterday, deciding it was time to let go of this dark & emotional dream project, was the hardest decision of all. Buildings burn, people die, but real love is forever.

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As much as I liked Jason Momoa in Game of Thrones, I just know beforehand his performance won’t top Brandon Lee. And if I’m thinking that way, then other audience members and fans of the first movie are thinking that way. Plus there have been four male protagonists—Vincent Pérez (City of Angels), Eric Mabius (Salvation), and Edward Furlong (Wicked Prayer)—don’t you think Hollywood should at least try once with a female lead?

4) It Needs A Female Protagonist

Krypton creator David S. Goyer recognizes The Crow: City of Angels wasn’t a good adaptation and explains to Mandatory what needed to change, “I felt like the only way that you could do a sequel was if you weren’t trying to replicate the first film, if you were taking it in a very different direction. So I pitched and wrote a treatment with a film involving reincarnation and a female protagonist and I felt satisfied with that.”

3) Flesh & Blood

For the first time ever, the avenger in In Flesh & Blood is a woman. In The Crow: Midnight legends Vol. 2, Iris Shaw was a federal officer when her office was blown up by right-wing terrorists. iris is seeking revenge not just for herself, but for her unborn baby.

2) The Cosplay!

Cosplayers have already dressed up as Iris Shaw at conventions. It’s very easy to put on a leather outfit and slap back makeup around the eyes. After the success of Atomic Blonde, Resident Evil, and Revenge, you’d think someone would try once with a female action hero.  

1) Curare

Iris Shaw, Crow
The Crow: Curare

If you’re not looking for all-out action or intense shootouts, The Crow brings back a murdered young girl in Curare. Detective Joe Salk is haunted by her death because he has never solved the case. If a producer is looking for something with a True Detective vibe, this is it!

The Crow: Flesh & Blood is available here and The Crow: Curare is available here.

By Jorge Solis

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