Month: July 2018

5 Reasons To See ‘Suspiria’ At Venice Film Festival ’18!

Suspiria Running Time, Suspiria Venice, Dakota Johnson

(Courtesy of @suspiriamovie) Before the theatrical release date, Amazon Studios and K Period Media will screen Suspiria as pat of the 2018 lineup at The Venice Film Festival. Based on the cult masterpiece from Dario Argento, the star-studded cast includes Mia Goth, Dakota Johnson, Tilda Swinton, and marks the return of the original starlet, Jessica Harper. […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Into The Badlands’ Season 3 Wardrobe!

Badlands Season 3 Wardrobe, AMC

(Courtesy of Aidan Monaghan/AMC) Between the drama and action, AMC doesn’t forget to spotlight the Season 3 wardrobe behind the martial arts/fantasy drama, Into The Badlands, starring Daniel Wu and Emily Beecham. Check out how these visually striking costumes are made for the fantastical action-driven show! As we previously mentioned, Into the Badlands is a genre-blending […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Millennium After The Millennium!’

Millennium After Millennium, Lance Henriksen

(Courtesy of Resurrection Films) Resurrection Films delivers a nostalgic throwback with Millennium After The Millennium and examines the lasting impact of the gripping crime thriller starring Lance Henriksen. Not only does director Jason D. Morris serve the dedicated fanbase, the insightful documentary explores how Millennium paved the way for the new Golden Age of Television. In […]

5 Reasons We’re Excited For ‘Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles!’

Fright Night: Peter Vincent Chronicles #0. Fright Night: Peter Vincent Chronicles, Fright Night

Tom Holland’s Terror Time pumps up the ‘80s nostalgia as they officially announce Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles, a comic book sequel to the popular horror classic. The adaptation is written/edited by Ben Meares (Hellraiser: Anthology) and illustrated by artist Riley Schmitz (Invisible Hands). Fright Night: The Peter Vincent Chronicles is a 24-page original […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Blindspot’ Season 4 “Return!”

Blindspot Season 4 Return, NBC

(Courtesy of  Virginia Sherwood/NBC/Warner Bros) With the official premiere date announced, NBC teases a major character’s “return”during Season 4 of Blindspot, starring Jaimie Alexander and Sullivan Stapleton. After the shocking events of Season 3, will Jane Doe (Alexander) and Kurt Weller (Stapleton) be able to work together to solve the mystery tattoos? As we previously […]

5 Reasons We Love ‘Aquaman’ Official Trailer!

Aquaman Official Trailer, Warner Bros.

(Courtesy of Warner Bros.) During San Diego Comic-Con ’18, Warner Bros. Pictures has released the official trailer to the upcoming superhero movie, Aquaman, starring Jason Momoa and Amber Heard. Director James Wan (Saw) brings the DC Comics character and his underwater world to life in all its glory. Aquaman finds himself caught between a surface […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Bone Parish’ #1 (BOOM! Studios)!

Bone Parish #1, BOOM! Studios

(Courtesy of BOOM! Studios) A suspenseful thriller, Bone Parish #1 (BOOM! Studios) effectively combines crime and horror into an unforgettable read! As for its first issue, this supernatural crime story delivers interesting characters with an unpredictable plot. A new drug is sweeping through the streets of New Orleans. Wars are being fought over who will […]

5 Reasons To Get ‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ #84 (IDW Publishing)!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #84, IDW Publishing

(Courtesy of IDW Publishing) Smart and exciting, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles #84 (IDW Publishing) is told with the purest love of the action genre. In its concluding chapter, the TMNT series manages to keep surprising its readers, while taking the popular franchise into new and fresh territory. In the fourth part of Kingdom of Rats, […]